Daisy Game


Anonymous in a Canadian train station

The Croft Magazine // Now in her final year, Daisy Game takes a trip down memory lane with an article written in her first few weeks of university.
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Artist's retreats

The Croft Magazine // Daisy Game tours some of the world's most creative destinations - and tells us who they got their artistic reputations from.
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Rooms With a View

At a time when many of us haven't had the chance to throw-wide-open as many shutters as we might have liked - we asked our photographers to do us a good turn, and send over a few window related 'wow!' moments...
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Wanderlust wish list: the more the merrier

As lockdown eases up and the travel gates begin to creak back open, we ask our writers which destinations they're hoping to visit in the coming months
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Editor's Pick: Saddest onscreen endings and goodbyes

As all good things must come to an end, so must our time as Film & TV's Editorial team. With this change marching on, and the academic year coming to an end with a whisper, not a bang: we are reminiscing on some of film and television's saddest goodbyes and season closes
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Your perfect quarantine day according to Studio Ghibli

Spring has finally sprung and with it brought a variety of Studio Ghibli-esque landscapes to peer wistfully at through the window. So, for something to watch in quarantine, here is the perfect schedule to make sure you have a Ghibli of a day...
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Don’t let Coronavirus stop you from armchair travelling with these films to whisk you away

With the Virus That Shall Not Be Named keeping us locked up at home, it can be hard to fight the bug that makes us want to get out and travel - at least to the end of the road and back. So let us take you around the world in 80 - okay, let’s be realistic here, it’s only going to be 6! So sue us!
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