Leah Martindale

Part-time Film & Television MA student; full-time Instagram storier, and ABBA enthusiast; amateur film critic. Can always be found writing from bed.

ARTICLES BY Leah Martindale

Don’t let Coronavirus stop you from armchair travelling with these films to whisk you away

With the Virus That Shall Not Be Named keeping us locked up at home, it can be hard to fight the bug that makes us want to get out and travel - at least to the end of the road and back. So let us take you around the world in 80 - okay, let’s be realistic here, it’s only going to be 6! So sue us!
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An Ode to the Old...

Film classics are a tragically misunderstood element of the artform, and I plan on putting that to rights if it kills me. With the world grinding to a halt at the moment, it can be beneficial to take a look back once in a while
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