Leah Martindale

Part-time Film & Television MA student; full-time Instagram storier, and ABBA enthusiast; amateur film critic. Can always be found writing from bed.

ARTICLES BY Leah Martindale

Editor's Pick: Saddest onscreen endings and goodbyes

As all good things must come to an end, so must our time as Film & TV's Editorial team. With this change marching on, and the academic year coming to an end with a whisper, not a bang: we are reminiscing on some of film and television's saddest goodbyes and season closes
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Indoors Project turns the camera back on lockdown in an innovative isolation film festival

With the world turning on its head, and uncertainty at every turn, self-isolation can be either a help or a hindrance to the artists of the world. With creativity and innovation as its ethos, 19-year-old University of Bristol student Daniel Sved started the Indoors Project
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A glimpse into the daily diary of an isolated student

Is everyone really doing the workouts and beginning the projects they say they are on instagram? A look into a day in the life of the isolated student exposes the unfiltered truth of staying at home
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Don’t let Coronavirus stop you from armchair travelling with these films to whisk you away

With the Virus That Shall Not Be Named keeping us locked up at home, it can be hard to fight the bug that makes us want to get out and travel - at least to the end of the road and back. So let us take you around the world in 80 - okay, let’s be realistic here, it’s only going to be 6! So sue us!
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An Ode to the Old...

Film classics are a tragically misunderstood element of the artform, and I plan on putting that to rights if it kills me. With the world grinding to a halt at the moment, it can be beneficial to take a look back once in a while
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Social distancing? Here are a few books to keep you busy

One timeless relief to boredom and isolation has always been, however, to disappear into a book. This is my definitive list of recommended reads you will not be able to put down to keep you busy.
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International Women's Day Editor's Picks

8 March every year is International Women's Day worldwide. This year, the team at Film & TV are sharing our favourite films made by women
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The Oscars are sexist but what should we do about it?

The 92nd Oscars are behind us, but for women in the industry there is still a long road ahead. With International Women’s Day fast approaching, we are taking a critical eye to the industry
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