Tom Goulde


2020 Onscreen

With 2020 just around the corner, our Film & TV Editorial team have compiled a list of the films and TV shows we are most looking forward to in the coming decade
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Political Films Editor's Picks

As the General Election draws near and politics is all around us, Film & TV's Editorial team have picked out our favourite pieces of political cinema to mix up your political intake
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Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya continues to be an important voice and an amazing actor

‘I hope people listen to black people more. You’d be surprised how little people listen to black people when it comes to racial issues.’
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The Perfect Date is heartwarming regardless who you watch with

Netflix continues its Noah Centineo obsession with a predictable but lovable rom-com which has all the right tones for a lonely evening Netflix pick-me-up.
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Hellboy is a deadweight flop of a reboot

Mike Mignola’s comic book hero Hellboy gets a franchise revival for 2019 but it is lacking in many departments and draws unfavourable comparisons with its 2004 Guillermo Del Toro counterpart.
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James McAvoy shines in Glass, the disappointing finale to Shyamalan’s ‘superhero’ trilogy

The highly anticipated crescendo of Unbreakable and Split is underwhelming throughout and leaves the viewer wholly unsatisfied.
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