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Soap vs COVID

The English translation for the Welsh soap on IMDb is People of the Valley (although I prefer The Village People). Each episode follows the residents of Cwmderi, a fictional village situated in Carmarthenshire as they try to overcome family conflicts and neighbourhood rivalries.
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Amazing films directed by women: a shortlist

In an industry dominated by men, a female director is a rare sight. However, there are still a plethora of wonderful films out there which have been directed by women, and today I’ll be sharing some of the ones I like best.
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'Coming 2 America': Eddie Murphy's sad sequel

Coming 2 America is an uninspired, unoriginal, and only mildly entertaining sequel to the droll wit that makes the original film a classic of the genre.
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Moxie! is a cliché but fun intro to feminism

Moxie! brings the warm charm of Amy Poehler (that Parks and Rec fans will know and love) together with a modern homage to the ‘Riot Grrrl’ movement, and it is as delightfully energetic and heart-warming as it sounds.
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John Carpenter at 73

Today, the king of cult himself, John Carpenter, turns 73. Join us in celebrating the life and work of one of the most recognisable and influential filmmakers in alternative Hollywood history
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Editor's Pick: Saddest onscreen endings and goodbyes

As all good things must come to an end, so must our time as Film & TV's Editorial team. With this change marching on, and the academic year coming to an end with a whisper, not a bang: we are reminiscing on some of film and television's saddest goodbyes and season closes
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Alternative streaming services to make the most of lockdown

Seen everything worth watching on Netflix? Seen everything not worth watching on Amazon Prime? Unsurprisingly, there are actually a wealth of alternative streaming services to be found online, beyond the world of iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon
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Classic films: The ones that got away

An unfortunate side effect from a filmmaker being acclaimed, successful, or iconic in a historical context can be that some of their lesser known or less universally popular work can fall under the radar
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