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Wanderlust wish list: the more the merrier

As lockdown eases up and the travel gates begin to creak back open, we ask our writers which destinations they're hoping to visit in the coming months

By Daisy Game, Travel Editor

The Croft Magazine // As lockdown eases and travel gates begin to creak open, we ask our writers which destinations they're determined to reach in the coming months.

Coffee and books by day, Guinness and wood clad pubs by night: I’m excited to get over to Dublin. As a book lover, the Emerald Isle’s UNESCO City of Literature has been kicking about near the top of my list for a while - and post-Normal People, it’s started to boot with greater determination! | Daisy Game, Travel Editor

National Museum of Ireland : Natural History | Epigram / Zoe Mac 

Paris is 'always a good idea', especially so after months of feeling as though you have been confined within a (less-pleasingly located) Bastille. City of baguettes, Jardin du Luxembourg, my boyfriend, and many pigeons, I am ready to arm myself with hand gels and facemasks for my post-pandemic expedition. | Rebecca Pardon, Deputy Travel Editor

From majestic castles and the medieval maze of Alfama to animated and dizzying nightlife, I’m dreaming of a trip to Lisbon. Romantic walks down cobbled streets, and then exploring Portugal’s vibrant food scene feels like the perfect trip to celebrate my post-lockdown freedom! | Sanjana Idnani, Travel Sub-editor

Nothing compares to stepping off of the plane and feeling the intensity of the blissfully hot sun

When things start heating up in the house in the south, my thoughts drift north. Afternoons spent in cool, bricked houses with views, or on shady Scottish beaches watching the water nibble at the cliffs, and wandering through pages in a rare attempt at leisurely reading. Evenings spent with friends, making our way through drinks menus and chat-up lines. And mornings spent sleeping, obviously. Maybe this year I’ll finally humour my highland holiday vision. | Kate Mattson, Third year English

chilly beaches on The Isle of Mull | Epigram / Daisy Game

As patience for my family's eccentric quarantine habits wears thin, my urge to put a bit of distance between us is growing...a little stronger! I’ve got a particular hankering to get to the Austrian mountains and connect with other family members. But this period of reflection has surfaced a new found empathy for siblings stuck on their years abroads, and grandparents, seeing out their retirement years in isolation. | Tom Woodruffe, Third year Geography

Afternoons spent in cool bricked houses with views, or on shady Scottish beaches watching the water nibble at the cliffs

Although we have started to feel it in the UK, I absolutely cannot wait for that summer holiday heat. Nothing compares to stepping off of the plane and feeling the intensity of the blissfully hot sun. I’m ready to travel anywhere, but if I have to choose just one location it’s Annecy, France! The neon blue lake and multicoloured chalet-style buildings - I’m more than ready for my trip abroad! | Mia Musa-Green, Travel Digital Editor

blue, grey, green : Edinburgh | Epigram / Minnie Cunningham 

I’m not a huge lover of heat, so a trip to Edinburgh and then Glasgow would be my post-lockdown trip of choice. Bustling cities with beautiful architecture and then fields on your doorstep - it’s basically Bristol but with an accent that makes everyone seem hotter. They say Glasgow University looks like Hogwarts and I couldn’t be more in need of some magic! | Minnie Cunnigham, Third year English

One of things that I lost to Coronavirus was a trip to Venice, and although in the grand scheme of things it’s a small loss, it would be nice to finally go. Not to mention that with all the good lockdown has done for the city itself, it seems like the perfect time to explore such a magical place. | Ruby Batt, Second year English

a peaceful inlet at Split, Croatia | Epigram / Jack Charters

Lethargically basking in the furious sunshine, long boat trips around azure lagoons, evenings filled with fantastic dining, night time antics with great friends – just a few experiences that could have been on our return trip to Split, Croatia; but with our 21st birthdays coming up, there is no better excuse to try again next year. | Jack Charters, Features Editor

Featured image: Epigram / Daisy Game