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The students behind Bristol’s non-guaranteed student accommodation crisis

Epigram recently reported on the acute shortage of university accommodation for incoming ‘non-guaranteed undergraduate applicants’. Following up on this, Epigram's Features Editor has spoken to students caught in the student housing crisis.
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Bristol Bot Builders and the art of combat robotics

Combat robotics may be a niche and perhaps unheard of hobby, but Bristol Bot Builders (BBB) are here to help spread the word and get more people involved in the art of robot building, including students.
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Gloucester Road Books: the bookshop putting Bristol first

Gloucester Road Books, owned by experienced bookseller Tom Robinson, has gained huge traction in the Bristol community for its unique stock and important presence in one of the most popular student locations in the city.
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From Reddit to reality: The truth of student stock investment

The power of social media was illuminated after Reddit users in the subreddit WallStreetBets encouraged a surge in GameStop stock investment earlier this year, seeing a 700 per cent spike in share prices within a matter of days.
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The Little Libraries of Bristol

As the UK is plunged into its third national lockdown, we have again been forced into a state of physical disconnection and housebound boredom.
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The Bristol students restoring our environment: In conversation with Bristol’s own Earthshot Team

First brought to public attention in January 2020, the Earthshot Prize offers climate potential activists the opportunity to invent five solutions for fixing the planet’s environmental crisis and receive £1 million in funding to put these solutions into action if they are selected.
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Opinion | Students should simply not be paying their full fees this year

Both freshers and undergraduates alike were promised ‘blended learning’ upon their return to Bristol this academic year. The majority expected business as usual on campus, with the odd pre-recorded lecture from home.
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To defer or not to defer?

With COVID-19 subverting our day to day lifestyles, from our weekly shops to our frequent socialising, it was unlikely that our usual university experience will remain unaffected.
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