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A Student Kitchen Cupboard: the absolute basics

By Aruay Mongok, Second-Year LLB Law with Honours.

Students can sometimes cook the worst meals known to man. Too dramatic? Maybe, but with the right essentials in your cupboard, you’ll always be able to whip up a decent meal and save money on takeaways.

The Essentials:

  • Pesto - ah, our trusty pesto! It never lets you down so make sure you always have a spare jar for an emergency ten-minute meal.
  • Baked beans - on toast with cheese after a night out, hangover? What hangover?
  • Flavoured syrups for coffee - this will save you a fortune, fewer Starbucks and Costa trips means more money to spend on books (haha!)
  • Lime and lemon juice - great for vamping up instant noodles and is also essential for teas during freshers flu season, as well as making impressive cocktails.
  • Ketchup and Mayonnaise - needs no explanation
  • Soy sauce - stir-fry in no time#
The Essentials The Croft / Lou Craven

Editor’s Pick: for when you’re feeling a little more adventurous

  • Spices - paprika, cumin, cinnamon, turmeric, or spice mixes like garam masala and ras el hanout
  • Dried herbs - oregano, thyme, basil, mint or get your hands on a herb de provence for a nice mix of them all
  • Tinned tomatoes - the base for a simple pasta sauce which will taste far better than any you’d buy in a jar
  • Balsamic vinegar - because you can be that boujee student, great for drizzling over salads or adding some depth to sauces
  • Honey - a versatile addition to your kitchen cupboard; drizzle over porridge in the morning, add to the dressing of your salad for lunch then marinade your chicken in with some ginger, garlic and soy sauce for dinner

featured image: Lou Craven

Is it time for a stock up?