TV's most stylish series through the ages


By Emma Hanson, English Literature MA

The Croft Magazine // Emma guides us through the most fashionable TV series to watch right now.

1810s: Bridgerton

IMDB/Netflix/Liam Daniel

Set in 1813, Bridgerton graces our screen with sartorial gems from the Regency period. Empire silhouette dresses, pastel colours (although for the Featherington girls, bright colours), floral embroidery and sumptuous fabrics give ample fashion inspiration. Think corsets, satin fabrics, empire line mini dresses and embroidery to bring the Regency fashion to your current wardrobe.

1960s: The Queen’s Gambit

The hugely popular Netflix drama gave us ‘decisively chic’ looks from the '50s and '60s, according to Vogue. Beth Harmon’s signature check prints and her monochromatic formal outfits come at the end of her personal fashion revolution as she grows into her identity - and wealth, which funds her chic taste in clothes! But for me, it was Beth’s casual looks that served as inspiration for my own wardrobe – her mohair cardigan and her lace trim cami tops are easy ways to incorporate the '60s looks into your own style.

1970s: The Serpent

BBC’s The Serpent served us bold '70s colours, cuts, and prints to accompany a gripping, bloody crime drama. Jenna Coleman was clad in the best that '70s fashion has to offer, in a variety of statement halter jumpsuits, patterned headscarfs and her iconic turquoise suit. I can’t wait to recreate some of her looks come the summer months.

1980s: It’s A Sin

IMDB/Channel 4/Red Productions

Moving on to the '80s, Channel 4’s It’s a Sin gave us young, casual '80s looks to accompany Russel T Davies’s ‘poignant masterpiece’, according to The Guardian reviews. The double denim and oversized shirts are echoed in Bristol's own fashion scene today, whilst Rocco’s party outfits capture the hedonistic atmosphere of the gay community and provide inspiration for when house parties can resume.

1990s: Friends

Any article about TV fashion could not leave the timeless '90s sitcom Friends off the list. Every episode gives us another iconic look – be it longline leather jackets, hockey shirts or nineties slip dresses. One of my favourite looks from the series is Rachel Green’s pink leopard print trousers and fluffy purple top. I am yet to find a similar look on eBay or Depop, but I am determined to keep trying!

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