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By Tshokey Mindara, Third year, History

The Croft Magazine // Picture this, you’ve just finished watching Coyote Ugly and your only wish in the world is to be a walking, breathing coyote bar girl. You go on Depop to assemble your new identity. Ouch! The price tag attached to the clothes are just straight up ugly. Don’t start crying yet, drama queen! Because… I’ve rounded up Depop’s best kept secrets.

First up is ...@gorggarmz

Run by Amelia Burrows, a student at Newcastle University, with stock drops twice a week it’s hard not to spend all your money on her shop alone. She handpicks ‘90s and 00s gems’ with around 30 new items dropping a week. While the prices aren’t as cheap as chips, they reflect the true value of her items instead of capitalising on trends.

Me in a purple snakeskin traingle top from @gorggarmz
Tshokey Mindara wearing a purple snakeskin triangle top, £22 | @gorggarmz. Seen paired with a pearl necklace, £10.50 | @niceaish - Epigram/Tshokey Mindara


A noughties genie, @myvintagestyle will grant more than just your three wishes. She regularly stocks handpicked 90s and 00s clothes with her deadstock lingerie taking centre stage. Her prices are the only thing more irresistible than her selection of juicy corsets and thongs.

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Tshokey wearing a risqué deadstock thong, £7.50 | @myvintagestyle - Epigram/Tshokey Mindara


If you’re looking for rare, one-of-a-kind noughties gems, then look no further. You have reached the mothership. From old label tags, Lipsy to Jane Norman, it’s a one stop shop to get you kitted out in all the noughties gear. She charges fair prices for her pieces, which are worth every penny! Having recently added a deadstock lingerie section, I see no reason as to why I would need to shop high street anymore.

I’m wearing a rare Jane Norman milkmaid top from the noughties which I actually won in a giveaway from @sugarnspicedolls.

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Tshokey wearing a rare Jane Norman milkmaid top from the noughties won in a giveaway | @sugarnspicedolls - Epigram/Tshokey Mindara


Diamonds move over! Haven’t you heard? Pearls are a girl’s best friend now. New to Depop, she has pimped the ordinary pearl necklace with lampwork beads to die for. Providing an affordable alternative to Olive Juice jewellery, her shop is due to sell out.

It’s also worth checking out @niceaish and @lenny_motley for similar styles.

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Pearl necklace with strawberry lampwork beads, £14.50 | @viltoriiak


Delicious pieces sourced by Amira, fit for a y2k princess with brands ranging from Morgan De Toi, to Pilot, to Etam. Her stock drops once a week, being reasonably priced, this is a shop not to be missed. She knows the value of her items and charges what they’re worth and not a penny more! An attitude we need more of on the app.

Tshokey wearing a red velvet and snakeskin mini dress, £24 | @foreveramira600 - Epigram/Tshokey Mindara
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What are your best Depop buys?

Featured image: Epigram/Morgan Collins

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