Emma Hanson


Review: 'Touching the Void' - Bristol Old Vic Livestream

I set up the television and get ready as I usually do for a film night with my flatmates. But, this time I am tuning in to the reopening night at Bristol Old Vic Theatre for a live performance of Touching the Void.
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Project Co: Interview with UoB-student led accessible fashion project

The Croft Magazine // Exclusive interview with the University of Bristol students who are 'making fashion accessible and access fashionable'.
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Wellbeing webinar: improved brain function via meditation

The Croft Magazine // In the final webinar of Transcendental Meditation Society’s 360 Degree Wellbeing series, Emma learned about the benefits of transcendental meditation from Gaetano Arena and James Miles.
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Wellbeing webinar: food for feeling your best

In the third webinar of Transcendental Meditation Society’s ‘360 Degree Wellbeing’ webinar series, Penny Barnett talked about the Indian healing system of Ayurveda and the importance of a balanced diet.
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Wellbeing webinar: yoga to lift your mood

In the second of our series of write-ups on Transcendental Meditation Society's recent webinar series ‘360 Degree Wellbeing for Bristol and Bath Students’, Emma explores the importance of yoga for a healthy and balanced life.
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Review: Bristol Poetry Institute Annual Reading with Claudia Rankine

by Emma Hanson, English Literature, Masters The Bristol Poetry Institute annual reading took place on Wednesday 18th November, organised in
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