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Deconstructed: FFS' 2023 Trashion Show

This December, the Fashion Forward Society (FFS) held their annual Trashion Show. The night was a celebration of both designers and model’s hard work, and an amazing way to raise money for charity.

By Amy Marshall, Style Co-Head Editor

THE CROFT/ This December, the Fashion Forward Society (FFS) held their annual Trashion Show. An amalgamation of trash and fashion, Trashion combines the creativity of the fashion world all while committing to sustainability. Each design is created from recyclable, sustainable or upcycled material - essentially, trash. The night was a celebration of both designers and models' hard work, and an amazing way to raise money for charity.

Hosted at the Mount Without, the runway was set, the music playing (courtesy of Bad Bitch Dubz and later, The Lily Petals) and the anticipation in the room was electric. Months of planning and designing had led to this event, and the results were nothing short of spectacular. 

©Izzy Ellis

This year’s theme was ‘Deconstructed’, an ode to creative freedom and expression in the name of sustainability. Typically, the fashion industry is notoriously wasteful. New micro trends are consistently emerging at a rapid rate, with the influx of fast fashion raising ethical and environmental concerns. Responding to this, Fashion Forward Society are committed to sustainability. We asked FFS’ President (Daisy Tod) and Vice President (Neto Ken-Amobi) why they chose Deconstructed as this year’s theme:

‘We chose the theme deconstructed as it is so open to interpretation allowing the designers to deconstruct the world around them through the lens of sustainable fashion - the only “rule” was that all the materials had to be sustainable.’ – Daisy Tod, President

‘We decided on the theme which was suggested by Daisy because we thought it would give people a lot of creative freedom in what they could make while also going very well with the idea of doing a trashion show. Designers could take it as deconstructing a specific material and making something new or deconstructing a concept/norm so could be more of a metaphorical piece. I decided to deconstruct an old denim pair of jeans that I had found at a charity shop and then used second hand yarn to make fun denim x crochet accessories and then went with a deconstructed vibe with my crochet pieces’ - Neto Ken-Amobi, Vice President

©Mia Flook

With ‘Deconstructed’ in mind, the runway came to life. An array of looks was displayed, ranging from dresses to suits and everything in between. Materials consisted of upcycled curtains, a deconstructed wet suit, crochet and knitted outfits, recycled plastic bags and wires - just to name a few. As the models graced the runway, they were adorned with delightful cheers and looks of awe at the creations they were showcasing. 

©Izzy Ellis


©Izzy Ellis

After the initial catwalk, the models returned to the runway hand in hand with their designers, and the celebration of the fruition of the talent and hard work at FFS continued.

©Amy Marshall

‘It was so incredible to watch the night itself come together, how cohesive all the looks were, how confident all the models were and how over the moon all of the behind the scenes team were being involved in the process. The event was so full of openness, inclusivity and love it made me so proud that I was able to be a part of it. 

Fashion is so centred around self expression and identity but unfortunately has the, often accurate, reputation of being bitchy and superficial. At FFS we aim to create an environment which is the complete opposite, everyone and anyone is welcome to be a part of our family exactly as they are. The trashion show felt like it completely embodied our ethos and it was such an incredible feeling to share that with everyone who came and to hear that’s what they felt from the night as well. The trashion show is about giving anyone who wants to be involved the opportunity to release their creativity, try their hand at creating a design and be celebrated and supported by their community.’ – Daisy Tod, President 

Fashion Forward Society reaffirm their commitment to sustainable practice and showcasing of student talent at their annual Trashion show. However, beyond Trashion, FFS extend their impact to the community. All proceeds from the event are donated to the Bristol Hub, a charity which supports students in making a change in the community. An unforgettable night, Trashion fosters an initiative to celebrate students, the community and sustainability all in the name of fashion, and we can’t wait to see what FFS has in store in the new year. 

Featured Image: Izzy Ellis

What was your favourite look from this year's Trashion? Let us know!