TikTok fashion accounts you need to be following


By Helena Reeds, Third Year, Neuroscience

The Croft Magazine // Famously known for 15 second dance and comedy videos, TikTok offers insight into other avenues on the app. If you've ever caught yourself on the fashion side of TikTok, then you already know how elite it is. As the perfect blend of both Pinterest and Instagram, TikTok can provide you with endless hours of fashion inspiration - just be prepared to want to re-invent your entire wardrobe five times over!

Here's a selection of some of my favourite fashion accounts on TikTok at the moment:

  1. @viluong - Vi Luong
@_viluong | Instagram

Vi Luong is a multifaceted influencer who not only shares style hacks and outfit ideas, but also gives great tips on photo poses to help us all be photogenic. A must follow if you're an aspiring 'insta baddie'.

2. @sophpontin - Sophie Pontin

@sophpontin | Instagram

This TikToker is a Pinterest board come to life! She shares 'how-to' styling tips and shows clothes hauls from more affordable shops such as PLT and ASOS.

3. @curlyfrysfeed - Nathan H

@curlyfrysfeed | Instagram

As both a model and fashion TikToker, @curlyfrysfeed will provide your following page with both outfit tips as well as some eye candy. His unique style and aesthetically pleasing videos make his page a no-brainer to follow.

4. @celest1na

This is one of my favourite accounts, as @celest1na creates DIY videos showing how to make popular clothing items at home. Definitely one to follow if you are trying to get away from fast-fashion as she regularly does 'thrift flip' videos and buys second-hand.

So there you have it, our top picks on TikTok's fashion content creators to make your feed more aesthetically pleasing, and to spruce up your own wardrobe!

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