SU reveals its virtual plans for Welcome 2020


By Eve Bentley-Hussey, SU Correspondent

The digital events include virtual campus tours, online ‘speedfriendings’ and an opening set from the audio visual artist DJ Cheeba.

The Student Union has published a list of digital activities for Freshers Week 2020.

In order to abide by social distancing rules due to Covid-19, the Student Union will host multiple events online for new arrivals.

The list of planned events is available on the Student Union website.

These virtual plans include a ‘Big Fat Bristol Quiz’, a ‘Minecraft Hunger Games’ and online ‘speedfriending’ events.

Whereas the Student Union would usually present new students with the opportunity to meet other people in person via society events and ‘give it a go’ sessions, this year all activities will be virtual to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

The events will take place between 20 August and 10 October. For the first time ever, many events will occur before the arrival of students

The Student Union has organised big events such as Netflix watch parties of the films Starter for 10, starring James McAvoy as a Bristol student, and Spirited Away.

Bristol-themed quizzes, virtual tours of campus and the city and ‘speedfriending’ will also be held,

‘Welcome mingles’ which are specifically for disabled students, mature students, international students, LGBTQ+ students, postgraduate students BAME students and others are also being offered.

The will last until early October, with the Official Bristol SU Welcome Fair 2020 taking place on 7 October.

Usually the Fair takes place on the Downs with hundreds of stalls set up, giving the opportunity for new students to meet society leaders and receive information through leaflets.

UoB to introduce ‘living circles’ for first years in accommodation
Freshers Fair to be hosted virtually as SU announces Welcome 2020 plans

Despite the event being virtual this year, the Student Union insist students will still be able to talk to stallholders live by interactive chats.

These welcome events will be kicked off with a virtual opening party hosted by DJ Cheeba on 20 August.

More events are to be announced and no in-person events have been listed due to the uncertainty over how government guidance will change.

As well as the changes to the Student Union approach to Welcome Week, Freshers coming to the University of Bristol in 2020 will face many more due to social distancing guidelines.

This will include being in ‘living-circles’, which will involve a small group of people who can closely interact with each other daily.

It will be prohibited for students to have anyone outside of their ‘living circle’ enter their accommodation.

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Are you a fresher? If so, what do you make of the Welcome 2020 plans?