UoB to introduce ‘living circles’ for first years in accommodation


By Teddy Coward, Co-Editor-in-Chief and Georgiana Scott, Deputy Editor

The University of Bristol is to introduce ‘living circles’ for freshers in their first year accommodation, which will involve a small group of people who can closely interact with each other daily.

A ‘living circle’ will consist of 4-12 people in either a single flat, more than one single flat or a single floor of a Uni hall of residence.

The allocated ‘living circle’ will be with freshers for their entire first year at the University of Bristol.

The new rule will mean it is prohibited for students to have anyone outside of their ‘living circle’ enter their accommodation.

Students will still be allowed to meet up with people from outside their ‘living circle’, though must adhere to social-distancing guidelines.

Freshers will be asked to move into their University halls of residence in staggered arrivals over an extended period, after booking a time slot.

New students are being advised to social distance from their flatmates as much as possible for the first 14 days after arrival, in case someone develops Covid-19 symptoms within that time.

There will be an online induction before freshers arrive, which will set out the expected rules to help students stay safe on campus throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Students will then be invited to attend 'virtual events and activities' online and in-person throughout their first few weeks in Bristol.

For students living in catered accomodation a takeaway service will be provided - something which will be reviewed depending on changes and developments made to government guidance.

The University of Bristol is also piloting LGBT+ only ‘living circles’, which are solely for LGBT+ students – an initiative that has previously been carried out at the University of the West of England (UWE), Sheffield University and Cardiff University.

These new rules are part of a range of measures Bristol University are putting in place to ensure the safety of its students as much as possible throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Students who are thought to be flouting the regulations could face fines up to £800, as well as, disciplinary action.

Three weeks ago, it was announced that teaching hours would be extended until 8pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays to allow for as much social-distancing to be carried out in teaching spaces as possible.

All lectures for the 2020/2021 acdemic will also be taught online, with seminars and small group teaching to be in-person.

Featured Image: Hannah Worthingtonn

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