Bring your best look to your working from home office: The importance of getting dressed to successfully WFH


By Lily Evans, Third Year English

The Croft Magazine // As we carry on through Week 6 of lockdown, Morrissey’s ‘Everyday is Like Sunday’ seems to capture the mood perfectly, but can dressing for a day of working from home help us get that Monday feeling back?

Lounging around in a dressing gown everyday and watching the occasional lecture in between episodes of Friday Night Dinner feels like the new normal. When everyday feels like a Sunday, not getting dressed for the day seems a no brainer; why wouldn’t you want to be comfortable at home?

But while the exam periods of yesteryear have ensured our days are structured around getting to the ASS early enough to grab a seat, for many of us that seat is now the kitchen table.

Collating your personal and work space can make it difficult to know when to switch on or off, which is why getting dressed to work from home could help you feel a little more productive.

Epigram / Lily Evans 

Getting Yourself into Work-Mode

When you put on your pyjamas, you’re telling your body that now is the time to chill. You’re relaxed, you’re comfortable, you’re settling down for the evening. But at 11am the next day as you  start to write that essay in your PJs, that mindset still applies. Putting on something different - whether that be cute lounge wear, comfy culottes and a t-shirt or a summery day dress - lets you know that this is the time to focus. Comfort is still key, though, so trying to work wearing tight jeans is probably not the way forward.

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Putting on a face-mask? Self-care. Blowing your student loan by online-shopping? Self-care. Putting on a great outfit to sit in your house? Definitely self-care. Especially in a pandemic. Even though there is work to be done, taking a few minutes in the morning to put on something that makes you feel good is a positive start to the day. The quarantine life is not necessarily the happiest life and getting dressed can be a way to show yourself some love. Even if you think there’s no-one to dress up for, you can still do it for you!

Lily acing her new white cowboy boots look - Epigram / Lily Evans 

Try something new

I’ve been wearing white cowboy boots around the house. Okay, maybe this isn’t something I would normally do, but as there’s no where else to wear them, why not? If you’ve been thinking about playing around with your personal style, working from home is the perfect excuse to try on something fun - for inspo, check out @wfhfits on Instagram. Lockdown or no lockdown, wearing the same outfits gets monotonous, so breaking the cycle and wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear is a great way to make getting dressed to WFH more exciting.

Adjusting to working from home is undeniably tricky for many of us and let’s face it, feeling super productive every day is not realistic. However, getting dressed is something fun that can boost your productivity levels and make you feel good at the same time.

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Featured: Epigram / Lily Evans

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