‘Adopt a Pub’ scheme launched to support local bars


By Molly Pipe, Student Life Correspondent

A Bristol student has co-founded a project that enables Bristolians to help out their favourite pubs with community action. Using the ‘Adopt a Pub’ platform, locals can search for any pub in Bristol and purchase a pint for £5, to be redeemed once the pub reopens. The money goes to the businesses directly and in full.

Celia Tugores started the project with her partner Alex Robinson, after she lost her job because of the coronavirus outbreak. She had previously been a bartender at the Highbury Vaults, a favourite student haunt.

The Highbury Vaults, where Celia worked before the pandemic | Epigram / Matthew Black

Celia described the closure of pubs as a significant moment in the lock-down process. ‘It was something that shocked people the most,’ she said. ‘I wanted to find a way to help through community action.’

I wanted to find a way to help through community action - Celia Tugores

Despite only having launched five days ago, the site has garnered significant interest, with over 200 visits a day. Five or six pubs are in the process of registering, with more expected to join shortly. Celia hopes to expand the project beyond Bristol if it proves popular.

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Brad Francis, landlord of the Highbury Vaults, praised the project for the support it would lend independent businesses. 'It's a lovely idea,' he said. 'A lot of places are going to struggle.'

Students wishing to donate should head to Adopt a Pub's page, and find their chosen pub via the search bar.

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