Meet the team behind FUZE: How Marketing Director Pippa Adamthwaite-Cook delivers the show’s PR message


By Hendrike Rahtz, The Croft Deputy Editor

The Croft Magazine // ‘I loved the performance element and I have always loved fashion.’ Get to know the team behind Bristol University’s unique arts fashion show as Epigram Style sits down with FUZE's Marketing Director

FUZE fashion show has always been key date in the diary for keen fashion followers and creatives of Bristol. A combination of fashion, art, movement and music, each year the show embraces a theme and a charity to donate to. This year is Metamorphosis and we're keen to see the transformations unfold.

But who are the brains behind this expansive operation? In the run up to the show, Epigram Style endeavour to get to know the team behind FUZE; starting with MD Pippa.

FUZE Marketing Director Pippa Adamthwaite-Cook

As Marketing Director, what does your role entail to make the fashion show happen?

As Director of Marketing my role is split into two parts, marketing and PR. On a day to day basis, it involves running a team of fantastically talented photographers, a graphic designer and general PR team. A role which requires creating content for our social media and helping our managing director and fashion directors to run editorial shoots; ensuring our cast have our own photos to be able to share on social media. I have really wanted everything we produce to engage with our charity in some way, whether that be in our captions or, on a deeper level, thinking about what the audience may perceive when looking at our brand. It is important to be constantly thinking about our theme, Metamorphosis. With marketing, it is important to engage with all of our directors from events to marketplace to make sure that every part of the show is represented within our brand image.

On the PR side, my goal for this year’s FUZE has been to expand the brand by engaging with the wider city of Bristol and press. One of our biggest achievements is being featured this year in CRACK Magazine and getting Candy Kittens to support our event, all of these things I feel are crucial for brand expansion for future years.

How did you get involved with FUZE?

I had many friends who were involved last year. I went to watch the show and was struck by how much fun it all looked. I loved the performance element and I have always loved fashion. It was a no brainer really.

Why did you want to be FUZE’s Marketing Director?

I felt this was an area I could make an impact in due to my previous experience in fashion and event marketing. I have seen first-hand the power of marketing an event well. I am very passionate about building a brand image as a whole and engaging with all parts of the show, so the audience receives an authentic look at FUZE as a whole.

"I have really wanted everything we produce to engage with our charity in some way, whether that be in our captions or, on a deeper level, thinking about what the audience may perceive when looking at our brand."

What have you done to popularise the show?

One of the strongest forms of marketing a show such as FUZE is student word of mouth; creating hype around the event by engaging with the student community is key. This has been helped by representing the people involved in FUZE on social media. People will want to watch and support people they know. From a PR point of view engaging with press is crucial, so, making sure they are all invited to the show and want to be and feel involved in FUZE is a priority.

Has your own fashion style influenced the show?

Fashion is a huge part of my life. I have loved working with our fashion directors Isabella and James on shoots and contacting brands. Isabella, James and I have often brought our own style and clothes into shoots and I have loved helping to style the cast. We have tried to be as sustainable as possible and to really capture the unique style of Bristol.

FUZE / M32 Cafe - Editorial Shoot

What would you say your fashion style is- what are your staple wears?

I am very inspired by 90’s fashion and makeup. With a darker lip and bold eye look. I love an oversized vintage men’s blazer. My staples at the moment are my long black leather coat, my full vintage pinstripe suit paired with some white air force and head scarf. I love the colliding of smart and casual, most days you will find me in a hoodie and leather jeans with a tux jacket with loads of jewellery. My one style tip would be to streamline your wardrobe with key statement pieces to accessories basic black outfits up. Have fun with it, be your authentic self- Hit the charity shops and be as sustainable as possible!

FUZE @ Bristol Grammar School: stepping into Eden ★★★★

FUZE 2020: Metamorphosis - The Butterfly Effect
13th & 14th March 2020 @ The Loco Klub
In aid of Second Step, a Bristol-based mental health charity.

Featured: FUZE / Alice Sutton and Max Fullerton

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