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Meet the team behind FUZE: How Marketing Director Pippa Adamthwaite-Cook delivers the show’s PR message

‘I loved the performance element and I have always loved fashion.’ Get to know the team behind Bristol University’s unique arts fashion show as Epigram Style sits down with FUZE's Marketing Director
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An Interview with: Fancy Plants

We interviewed the local Fancy Plants to investigate the relationship people, particularly students, have with plants
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Common first year fears

The Croft Magazine // First year can be a whirlwind and although that comes with great times, it can be scary too. Hendrike Rahtz answers some of your fears about first year.
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Things to do in Bristol for non-drinkers

Nights out don’t always necessarily require alcohol as an accompaniment. Below are some ideas for an alcohol-free evening in Bristol that offer pure entertainment and fun, ideal for those who do not drink, or those who are looking for a night out without the headachy consequences in the morning!
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Societies in first year... and second year

With the Freshers’ hype dying down and the society welcome emails getting snowed under in your inbox, the society novelty may have simply worn off for some.
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