Restaurant Review: Bento Boss


By Laila Freeman, Epigram Food Editor

Last week my friends and I visited Bento Boss, which is sushi restaurant conveniently located just above Clifton Down Station. Even though we are mainly vegetarian as a house, we were hopeful that there would be enough fish-less options to satisfy our very empty stomachs! Well… not that empty as we had all had a decent sized lunch too, but we were more than ready for a big dinner.

And satisfied we were. Not only was there the option of a vegetarian bento box, which contains a few different types of sushi and salad options, but there were also many other types of exclusively vegetarian sushi. In addition, we sampled some delicious vegetarian gyoza which were my personal favourite.

For people that eat meat the menu looked even more plentiful. There were so many fish sushi options, with the choice of about eight different fishes as either nigiri or sashimi, as well as other offerings like tempura prawns. For people that aren’t keen on sushi or just prefer a more heavy meal, there is also a big range of ‘bigger’ meals on offer such as grilled salmon and even steak!

Image: Epigram Food: Laila Freeman

The restaurant itself had a lovely atmosphere, fairly quiet, well-decorated and with sleek white tables which proved just perfect for those food Instagram shots. Sit next to the window for a fairly novel chance to view Whiteladies from above.

All in all we had a great meal at Bento Boss and will definitely be going back. I strongly recommend it for sushi lovers, and if you are vegetarian there will certainly be ample choices for you too.

Featured image: Epigram Food/ Laila Freeman

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Laila Freeman

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