SU give away bubble wrap to pop student stress



By Ed Southgate, co-Editor in Chief

Worried students are being given sheets of bubble wrap in an initiative by Bristol SU to reduce exam stress.

'Stress-relief packs', with bubble wrap that students are being encouraged to pop to alleviate tension, can be collected from Bristol SU Living Room on the fourth floor of Senate House.

The bubble wrap comes with its own instructions on how to maximise its stress-busting capabilities. 'For immediate stress relief', it says, 'pop three capsules every 4-6 hours, or as needed'.


Some students have expressed concern to Epigram that, with a recommendation of just three pops every six hours, the risk of overdose is severe. Another said 'this is the most SU thing ever, I love it'.

There is not believed to be a limit for how much bubble wrap any one student can take.

The 'stress relief pack' adds that students should take breaks from studying and to relax in the SU Living Room, which opened last term following manifesto promises by Union Affairs Officer Stan Ford.

They form part of a wider campaign to help students relax during the intensity of exam season. If students are stuggling with exam stress, they can visit the wellbeing drop-in sessions in the ASS library, which run every Friday from 12-2pm until January 25.

The Living Room will also play host to an Off The Record 'resillience lab' as well as 'mindful colouring', an initiative which has been adopted by an increasing number of universities as they continue to struggle with the growing mental health crisis.


A Bristol SU spokesperson said: 'We are aware that a number of students have raise concerns about the environmental impact of the bubble wrap. Sustainability is important to us which is why the bubble wrap being offered is being reused – it was originally the packaging that various Living Room items arrived in. If you have any recommendations for sustainable alternatives please contact'.

Features Image: Bristol SU

Good luck with your exams!


Ed Southgate

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