Ed Southgate

former co-Editor in Chief 2018-2019 | former Editor of Epigram Comment 2017-2018 | UoB English student 2016-19 | Twitter: @ed_southgate

ARTICLES BY Ed Southgate

'Let's start combatting antisemitism for good', Bristol's ELA Officer tells NUS

Antisemitism on campus must be combatted 'for good', Bristol SU's Equality Liberation and Access Officer told the NUS National Conference last weekend.
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Free Speech Society under pressure to cancel 'offensive' speaker after Christchurch attack

Over 280 students and student leaders across the UK have demanded the cancellation of a Bristol Free Speech event accused of 'hosting islamophobic rhetoric' in the wake of the Christchurch massacre.
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Student services budget protected for next academic year

The student services budget is currently protected for the next academic year, Bristol's Director of Student Services said in an interview with Epigram about its new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
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Director of Student Services 'very open' to suicide awareness training for all students

Bristol's Director of Student Services has said that he is 'very open' to all students receiving suicide awareness training.
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Bristol's Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy: What is it?

In December, Bristol published its new Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, which was put together with the SU following a consultation in which 200 students gave their feedback on the available support.
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Removed speaker Angelos Sofocleous secretly rejoins free speech panel

A Durham student who was removed from a discussion free speech following security concerns by the SU rejoined its panel after audience demand, contravening the society's agreement with the union.
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