'Last Christmas I gave you my rent': Bristol Cut The Rent release new music video


By Ed Southgate, co-Editor in Chief

Bristol Cut The Rent have released a new music video with their rendition of Wham's 'Last Christmas' in a critique of rent prices for university-owned accommodation.

Set around a monopoly board, the chorus of festive favourite has been changed to sing 'Last Christmas I gave you my rent, but the very next day, there's still more to pay. This year, to save me from tears, I'm going to go on rent strike'.

The video features a student giving away all of their money to a character wearing a mask of Vice-Chancellor Hugh Brady. It criticises how 'rent prices have doubled in the past ten years' and 'huge waiting lists for counselling'.

According to the video, 84 students have waited over 21 days to see a counsellor compared with just four students who waited up to five days so far in this academic year.

Bristol Cut The Rent have been challenging rent increases at the university. It recenly published an open letter to Professor Brady demanding 'urgent reform', which is open for all members of the university community to sign.

The letter calls for the University to reduce rent so no hall exceeds 35 per cent of the maximum minimum maintenance loan - which is currently £72 per week - and wants more emergency housing for those facing homelessness and unsafe living conditions.

Featured Image: Bristol Cut The Rent

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Ed Southgate

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