Graduates from Bristol are among the highest paid in the country



With graduation ceremonies looming, new statistics released from the Government's Longitudinal Education Outcomes show that Bristol students are frequently in the top 10 of earnings after finishing their degree.

Students graduating with degrees in the arts, social sciences, engineering and science are all likely to be earning above average salaries after leaving University, with 11 subject areas taught at Bristol in the top 10 nationally.

Degrees in English and Law were in the top three nationally, with median salaries of £26,100 and £36,900 respectively three years after graduation.

Graduate with a degree in dentistry or medicine, and you'll likely be earning a median salary of £42,200 three to five years after graduation. Other high earning subjects included £30,900 for vet students,£35,900 for computer science, £35,700 for engineering and £25,900 for psychology students.

The data is taken from HM Revenue and Customs, showing employment and graduate earnings one, three and five years after donning the gown and stepping into the Wills Memorial for the last time.

Stuart Johnson, Director of the Careers Service at the University of Bristol, said: "This new data is really encouraging because it reinforces the value employers place on our high-calibre graduates, across the full range of subjects.

"The University of Bristol attracts highly capable and engaged students and we're tremendously proud that their education here enables them to excel in their chosen career.

"University is of course about more than securing a high graduate salary and we pride ourselves on our proven track-record of producing well-rounded and independent students who are equipped to succeed in a dynamic world."

These statistics come after Bristol was ranked 7th in the UK by the CWUR and in the top five of Unis targeted by employers by the Graduate Market in 2018 study.

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