Cameron Scheijde

Former Editor | Co-Editor-in-Chief 2018-19 | Online Comment Editor, 2017-18

ARTICLES BY Cameron Scheijde

Three things I'll miss about Bristol Uni

Nearing graduation, Epigram's Co-Editor-in-Chief of the past year reflects on what he will miss from the past three years at the University.
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As student numbers increase, library seats, lecture theatres and hall rooms diminish ever more

This comes at such a cost, that the unsustainable growth is showing strong and painful cracks in Bristol's entire ethos of more, more and more students.
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The PLUS Award: worth doing?

By Cameron Scheijde, co-Editor-in-Chief You've probably been handed endless leaflets, or seen the posters outside the Careers Service, about the
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Top boss costs city council £180k per year

Four of Bristol City Council's top executives are paid over £100k per year, prompting questions into 'abusing the public purse' in a time of widespread cuts to public services such as libraries.
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After Life Review: Life-affirming drama up there with Gervais’ best

By Cameron Scheijde, co-Editor-in-Chief Ricky Gervais returns to the limelight with a new series, but it is far from his
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