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The ultimate guide to Bristol student style

There is an art to achieving the perfect balance between trendy and trashy, and this guide will give you the fashion secrets to know to achieve the clichéd Bristol student look.

By May Garland, Style Deputy Editor

The Croft Magazine // Attending The University of Bristol, aka the home of edgy fashion, can often cause sudden surges of trepidation as you wonder, 'is my wardrobe stylish enough for this city'? There is an art to achieving the perfect balance between trendy and trashy, and this guide will give you the fashion secrets you should know to achieve the clichéd Bristol student look. Your wardrobe will be transformed from rags to riches, or rather riches to rags as oversized, second-hand clothes are the new go-to.

Step 1: Flares

You may be sceptical about making a flared commitment to your wardrobe, but love them or loathe them, this '70s trend is here to stay and will find a way into your wardrobe. The surprisingly flattering trousers come in a plethora of fabrics, patterns and colours. You can give a nod to one of the best fashion eras in history with disco, velvet flares or play it safe with a basic black pair. Regardless, it's inevitable that you will succumb to the Bristol cliché.

Sekar Flare Trouser in Black | £32 | Motel

Step 2: Bucket hats

Disaster! After buying a neon bucket hat to dance the night away at Bristol's most popular festival, you get the dreaded email that Tokyo World is postponed until next year. However, instead of letting your new purchase go dusty at the back of your wardrobe, throw it on with any outfit for easy and funky chic; you may not be vibing to D&B in Stokes Croft, but you can parade down Park Street feeling like a local.

Denim Bucket Hat | £45 | Calvin Klein

Step 3: Jewellery

Accessorise your groovy garms with stacked gold necklaces and those signet rings you picked up from traveling on your 'gap yah'. Hoops are also essential, and the bigger, the better! Show them off by clipping your hair up in a claw in true Bristolian 'Y2K' inspired style! However, fashion is not without suffering, and you will sit there for hours at the end of the day trying to solve the tangled conundrum of chains.

Valerie Gold Layering Chain Necklace | £10.40 | DrippinnnGold

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Step 4: Wavey kicks

Filas, Air Force 1s, Buffalos, Naked Wolfes...basically anything chunky is acceptable and will provide you with that extra boost of height to help you feel unstoppable as you march up Bristol's notorious, ubiquitous hills. You'll thank me later when you're climbing St Michael's Hill for a 9am seminar.

Air Force 1 Shadow | £94.95 | Nike

Step 5: Vintage

It would be a crime to Bristol fashion culture to not possess vintage clothing, especially with such an abundance of charity shops. By choosing the quirkiest, retro attire, you are actually committing to another Bristol cliché and will fit right in. So cast aside your old black puffer coat and replace it with an oversized faux leather coat or a fluffy afghan jacket from Urban Fox or BS8.

Baby Blue Afghan Coat | £60 | @katiejhammond - Depop

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Whatever fabulously, freaky clothes you decide to adorn yourself with, wear them with confidence - anything goes! Most fashion decisions are acceptable in Bristol, so strut down 'the Triangle' with your Eat a Pitta or Taka Taka and soak in all the compliments on your style from the locals and your fellow students.

Featured Image: Helena Reeds/Epigram

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