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The Fashion Sins We're Repenting For This Season

With the new season and winter soon approaching, what better time to reflect on our (sometimes ‘sinful’) fashion habits? We can consider our stylistic sins by adopting a thoughtful approach to our clothes. So, what are we repenting for this season?

By Amy Marshall, Style Digital Editor

The Croft Magazine // With the new season and winter soon approaching, what better time to dust down and reflect on our (sometimes ‘sinful’) fashion habits? By adopting a thoughtful approach to our clothes and the wider industry in which they exist, we can consider our stylistic sins, and how best to address them. So, what are we repenting for this season?


I’ll be honest, I used to consistently look to improve and adapt my style to fit with current trends so as not to be ‘left behind’ in last season’s wear. But micro trends tend to eat you up and spit you back out before you’ve even had the chance to wear your item more than once. This fast turnaround of the production of clothing and what we deem currently ‘trendy’ is harmful to our bank accounts, the environment, and our universal dedication to living sustainably. Whilst the temptation to buy the first item I see on Instagram crosses my mind now and again, it is important to learn the value of investing in pieces you truly like and know you will wear, rather than what the internet tells you will set you ahead of current trends. Buying clothing to put in a capsule wardrobe (interchangeable items which can be styled abundantly to fit your mood) will help maximise usage of your clothing, whilst rejecting microtrends entirely.

© Ella Crabb


I’m sure you know the feeling, having kept a pair of trousers at the back of your wardrobe as a ‘just in case item: I’ll wear it eventually, right? If you’re anything like me, you will likely have a small collection of clothes gathering dust, having been once loved. You’re sure you will wear them again but inevitably they remain forgotten amongst new items. In this case, I encourage you to approach these clothes with a new mindset. Old items can become new again when restyled or upcycled. By pairing unused items of clothing with your newer, developed sense of style, your wardrobe can become a breath of fresh air. Reworking clothes is another fun option, think: ‘thrift flip’. Crop a shirt, embroider your jeans, or even make a new item out of old fabrics, the options are truly endless. And if you still feel you are stuck with an item you’d rather not reintroduce into your style: donate! Charity shops are always welcoming clothes, and you can give a new life to your currently unused items.

© Ella Crabb


Often fashion can feel like it has decided your style for you: ‘wear this’ and ‘don’t wear that'. The influence of social media can push this narrative and whilst fashion is a great way to collaborate and gain inspiration for personal style, we can find ourselves dressing for others. Often, it is as simple as wearing what we think our peers will approve of. But, at its core, your style should be something you are comfortable and confident in. Though this is sometimes easier said than done, aim to develop your style into something which makes you feel positive, rather than aiming to ‘fit in’, per se. Reflect on how an item makes you feel, not only on how it looks. By adopting this mindset, we can dress for ourselves first and foremost, after all, fashion should be a means to uniquely express your individuality.

Featured Image: © Ella Crabb

What are you 'guilty' of this season?