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As the title suggests, Encanto proves to be yet another charming addition to the Disney family

At the core of Disney's 60th Classic is a set of heavy, emotionally-charged themes, from generational trauma to the pressures of perfectionism and expectations
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The Kings Man: riotous prequel is a thrilling addition to the franchise

Set against the backdrop of the First World War, the King's Man traces the origins of the underground spy organisation
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Season 2 of The Witcher is hit and miss this time around

S2 fails to live up to the expectation, yet manages to deliver menacing monster encounters and a warm father-daughter relationship
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The Matrix Resurrections is further proof that not all iconic franchises require resuscitation

Resurrections heavily relies upon the previous three films without really adding anything new to the series. Instead, this sequel acts more like a cheesy reunion of characters and ideas, full of in-jokes and on the nose references to the earlier films
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Don't Look Up is destroyed on impact, leaving little more than one-liners and a brilliant return from Jennifer Lawrence

In a film that blurs the line so erratically between fantasy and realism, it is often hard to judge where the allegory ends and the television skit begins
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A24's Lamb proves to be an engrossing yet confusing natural horror

Posing thought-provoking questions around nature and motherhood, Lamb proves an interesting debut for Valdimar Jóhannsson
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