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Moon Knight's season finale sets high hopes for its second season

Marvel's Moon Knight, starring Oscar Isaac, has finally come to a close, ending its first season on a high note, with fans highly anticipating a second season
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The Lost City brings much needed comedy to the action-packed adventure genre

Taking a comedic approach similar to classic movies The Lost City, starring Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum, is a nonsense-filled, light-hearted romp worth your while
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Is Marvel's latest film Morbius deserving of all the hate it's getting?

Many viewers left the cinema feeling disappointed, unfulfilled, and downright angry that their beloved studio associated itself with what some see as, ‘a let-down’ of a Marvel film. However, is Morbius receiving more hate than it deserves?
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Marvel's Moon Knight's first episode shows a promising start for the series

The long-awaited Marvel series has finally landed on Disney+, with its first episode going out with a bang amongst die-hard Marvel fans that had been highly awaiting the Egyptian mercenary’s appearance
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