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Bristol SU 2021 election results

See the full results of this year’s Bristol SU elections.

The campaign has ended, the results are in. Meet your Bristol SU Officer team for 2021.

First year student Muazam Tahir was one of seven SU Officers to be elected tonight after a week of digital campaigning that saw a record number of votes cast.

17 Chairs of Networks, two student Trustees and representatives for each Faculty and course were also elected.

Meet your new, full-time Bristol SU Officers: (L-R) Leah Martindale, Ruth Day, Ifrah Farooq, Seb Key, Muazam Tahir, Lu Macey, Obafemi Alabi | Bristol SU / Epigram / Teddy Coward

Full Results (click on the arrows to see your new Officers, Network Chairs and Faculty Reps. Best viewed on desktop):

Full-Time Officer Team

Role Name
Equality, Liberation and Access Officer Leah Martindale
Student Living Officer Ruth Day
Union Affairs Officer Ifrah Farooq
Undergraduate Education Officer Seb Key
Postgraduate Education Officer Lu Macey
International Student Officer Muazam Tahir
Sport and Student Development Officer Obafemi Alabi

Network Chairs

Role Name
Chair of BME Network Zara Shamayal
Chair of Black Students’ Network Ijeoma Egbarin
Chair of Care Leavers and Estranged Students Aura Townsend
Chair of Disabled Students Network Helena Thornton
Chair of International Students’ Network Siddharth Sreekanth (Sid)
Chair of LGBT+ Network Joe Fearon
Chair of Mature Students, Parents & Carers Network Jessica Gould
Chair of Multifaith Network Sumaya Hussein
Chair of Societies Network Kristen Pham
Chair of Sport Network Tiegan Ball
Chair of Student Council Chandler Jeon
Chair of Sustainability Network Carlos Shanka Boissy Diaz
Chair of Trans Network Marten Payne
Chair of Volunteering and Fundraising Network Tala Youhana
Chair of Wellbeing Network Ellie Spenceley
Chair of Widening Participation Network Sai Ashraf
Chair of Women's Network Leen Ayesh

Faculty Reps

Role Name
Faculty of Arts - PGR Rep Gina Walter
Faculty of Arts - Undergraduate Rep Guneesha Chowdhry
Faculty of Engineering - PGR Rep Duc H. Nguyen
Faculty of Engineering - Undergraduate Rep Rowan H
Faculty of Health Sciences - PGR Rep Daisy Gaunt
Faculty of Health Sciences - Undergraduate Rep Lucy Willis
Faculty of Life Sciences - PGR Rep Darrian Paul
Faculty of Life Sciences - Undergraduate Rep Darya Klymenko
Faculty of Science - PGR Rep TBC
Faculty of Science - Undergraduate Rep Shiv Gupta
Faculty of Social Sciences and Law - PGR Rep Liam Davis
Faculty of Social Sciences & Law - Undergraduate Rep Cody Lai

Obafemi Alabi successfully fought off three challengers in one of the most competitive races of the election, and has now been confirmed as the new Sport and Student Development Officer.

Ifrah Farooq, the outgoing Chair of Student Council, likewise ran and won in a hard-fought race for the position of Union Affairs.

Incumbent Student Living Officer Ruth Day was re-elected to the role. They were the only candidate in the running after their original opponent dropped out of the race.

Leah Martindale, the only other incumbent to run (as outgoing Postgraduate Officer), successfully ran for Equality, Liberation and Access Officer.

The other elected Officers were Lu Macey for Postgraduate Education and Seb Key for Undergraduate Education.

Meet the candidates running to be your next Union Affairs Officer
Meet the candidates running to be your next Undergraduate Education Officer

Upon receiving the result during Bristol SU’s announcement on Instagram Live, Seb said: ‘I’m absolutely ecstatic. Earlier, I just about started crying. I’m so excited about what we’re going to do. We’re going to do some great things next year.’

On receiving his award Muazam said: ‘I want to send a message out to first years that creativity has no age, so stand up for anything possible and make good out of them... It’s a big deal for me and I’ll make sure it's a big deal for you too.’

The new Sports and Student Development Officer, Obafemi Alabi, said: ‘I just want to say I’m here to represent the unrepresented. Thanks to everyone who voted.’

Ifrah Farooq, meanwhile, closed the announcements by singing: ‘I was student Council Chair, now I’m Union Affairs,’ in reference to her SU election campaign video, which has so far reached 125,000 views on TikTok.

‘Thanks to everyone so much for voting and I’m so excited,’ she added.

This was the SU’s first completely-online elections campaign, after last year’s election escaped the first lockdown by a matter of weeks.

Turnout was at 23.5% and a reported total of 58,838 votes were cast.

A full vote breakdown will be released on Monday.

Featured Image: Siavash Minoukadeh / Patrick Sullivan

Are you happy with the results of this year’s Bristol SU elections?