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Review/ Oowee Vegan, Baldwin St.

Epigram Food offers a dual perspective on plant-based junk-food joint, Oowee Vegan.

By Bethany Marris, Deputy Digital Editor and Katie Pritchard, Third year History

Epigram Food offers a dual perspective on plant-based junk-food joint, Oowee Vegan.

Nestled on the tip of Baldwin Street, in prime location for the University’s City Centre residents, Oowee Vegan is the perfect take-away alternative for vegan, vegetarian and meat-alternative lovers alike. Providing an ideal hangover remedy, mid-week treat or lunch date location, Oowee’s green branch leaves little room for complaint. If you haven’t already tried this fast-food joint, get ready to discover your newest plant-based guilty pleasure. Last week, Epigram went down to the restaurant to check out what the fuss is all about.

Our order consisted of Lattice Fries, a BBQ Cluckin’ Sandwich, and Cluckin Fries - a tray of skinny fries doused in Vegan mozzarella and gravy, topped with a deep fried ‘chick’n’ fillet. To finish, we also ordered a Biscoff milkshake, an off-the-menu recommendation from the waitress serving us.

From the perspective of someone who doesn’t eat meat, Oowee really does offer something special. With an entirely vegan friendly menu, it almost feels as though theres too much to choose from, as when it comes to fast food you’re often limited to one or two options, even in the wake of this years 'Veganuary' boom. The food isn’t super cheap by any means, yet this is justified by quality and portion size, with he latter being incredibly generous.

Alternatively, from a meat eaters perspective, Oowee ticks many boxes. If you're looking for chicken, it does come pretty close. The fake meat is almost layered like chicken, the texture is pretty accurate and the taste is definitely above what you would expect of a vegan or vegetarian fast food option. Far away from the soggy and tasteless veggie options of Five Guys, Oowee has perfected the basics. The brioche bun was light and fluffy, the chips were delicious, the milkshake was incredible and the vegan cheese was actually really good. The cheese isn't plastic,nor rubbery, and was melted onto their loaded fries option, a perfect combination of taste and texture. I really couldn't fault it. Safe to say the food was polished off and we considered getting more but thought a food coma was probably imminent.If you have a vegan friend, as a meat eater, this is genuinely a happy medium for your dinner date.

Check out Oowee’s menu here.

Featured Image: Oowee Vegan/ Facebook