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Must try foodie hotspots for Bristol students: A true taste of the city

I recently discovered this Bristol game changer. It’s a little out of the uni bubble (Bishopston) but has astoundingly good food

By Allegra Darwood, 3rd year, Dentistry

The Croft Magazine // From Chilli Daddy to Pinkmans, Bristol does not disappoint when it comes to tasty, fresh food. Here's our collection of some of the best the city has to offer.


FED 303
I recently discovered this Bristol game changer. It’s a little out of the uni bubble (Bishopston) but has astoundingly good food. Cakes and pastries are home-made; don’t miss the ‘Babkini’ and vegan chocolate cake. Brunch is incredibly tasty, the toasties are to die for – try the Black garlic aioli toastie with greens & cheddar, £7.50.

The toasties at FED 303 are to die for | Epigram / Allegra Darwood

Known for its Sour-doughnut, Pinkmans is an absolute brunch favourite. With arguably the best hot chocolate in Bristol, it has delicious brunch items (order the custard dipped brioche with blueberries, £9), and freshly baked pastries.
Past 12pm, there’s a £10 Pizza & Beer Combo.

The Lido
The Lido is the best place for a hungover breakfast – sip coffee and devour (yummy) avo on toast while watching the swimmers pound the pool in this gorgeous renovated 1850s Lido. Breakfast from £3.50.

Avocado on toast is a Bristol favourite for a reason | Epigram / Allegra Darwood


La Sorella
This deli, sister to Pasta Loco, serves freshly made focaccia sandwiches filled and assembled on the spot, as well as frittata and salads, for £5. You can also buy handmade pasta (after watching it being made) while you’re at it.  The lovely staff tell you exactly how to cook it and what with, as well as handy tricks (use that pasta water!). There is also a selection of beautiful cakes – a particularly good lemon & pistachio cake springs to mind.

Chilli Daddy
Chilli Daddy started as a street stall and has grown into a local chain selling authentic Szechuan noodles. Choose your food then pick your spice level 1-5 (anything above a 3 will leave an impact). My usual is the Chongqing Xiaomian with rice noodles (£6) – a big bowl of spicy broth with veg and noodles - the wontons are also delicious. Top tip: Add the vinegar that’s on the table for extra flavour and umami.

Chongqing Xiaomian with wheat noodles, spice level five | Epigram / Allegra Darwood

Falafel King
Falafel King is definitely a lunchtime winner for its selection and salads; a large box of salad, or a filled pitta starts at £5.60. The Sabich salad box is delicious and you will definitely be full!


Bianchi’s is the new restaurant from the Pasta Loco group, with mains from £8 (and 2 courses £15 at lunchtime). The food is as fresh and delicious as it gets – our beef shin pappardelle had to be re-ordered it was devoured so quickly. Perfect for when the parents come to visit, but book FAR in advance!

Bosco is my favourite pizza in Bristol; even the Margherita (£9) is amazing. Before 6pm, you can get 2 courses for £11, and if you ask nicely you can have a pizza with a different topping combo on each half (I love Queen Green). I prefer the Whiteladies branch because it serves Parmigiana, but the Clifton pizzas are equally good.

Featured: Epigram / Allegra Darwood

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