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Mrs Potts opens new shop in Bath after Park Street success

Mrs Potts have put part of their success down to their big student following in Bristol and hope to replicate this in Bath.

By Tom Taylor, Digital Editor and Ayo Okojie, Third Year, English

Mrs Potts have put part of their success down to their big student following in Bristol and hope to replicate this in Bath.

The Bristol based chocolatiers have expanded to York Street in Bath, after the success of their shop on Park Street.

Charlotte Philips, area manager of Mrs Potts Bath, told Epigram: ‘It's gone crazy in Bristol - everyone seems to know who we are and what we do - people seem to really love it and we get so many students.’

Bath was chosen as the new location because it ‘is so beautiful [and] so historic. It’s nice and close to Bristol so we thought that people who love [us] in Bristol might have friends in Bath that would want to come along.’

The menu will be the same as Bristol’s but a key difference in the two shops is that Mrs Potts will be running chocolate workshops in Bath. Charlotte explained that ‘you will be able to book onto chocolate classes and learn how to make chocolate, create different designs and flavours, and bring home your treats.’

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Charlotte emphasised how the positive reception students have given Mrs Potts in Bristol has helped the brand grow. She told Epigram: ‘The difference that the student population makes is amazing so we absolutely love having students come along - it’s really great!’

‘We were at the Freshers Fair this year and we’re going to be at the Fair again next year. We love having students, hopefully it will be the same in Bath.’

The main seating area | Epigram / Ayo Okojie 

The Bath shop is similar in design and atmosphere to the Park Street shop, quite quaint and with lots of candles and warm lighting. It stands on the corner of York Street, letting in light through the large glass windows on the ground floor. A chocolatiers kitchen can be found on the top floor where Mrs Potts will be running workshops and events.

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The Bristol shop has gained a reputation amongst students as a perfect mid-week treat, date or pick-me up. Charlotte explained: ‘We get a lot of happy and a lot of sad; if people have had a bad day its like “Aw, I’m going to go to Mrs Potts” and if you’ve had a good day, it's like “I’m going to Mrs Potts!”. To congratulate and to commiserate, that’s why you go to Mrs Potts - make a bad day good!’

Featured: Epigram / Ayo Okojie

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