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It’s Not Too Late To Join! - What are the Arts societies up to in Lockdown…

by Dulcie Godfrey, Arts Digital Editor

It’s undeniable, lockdown and restrictions are difficult to the arts, professional or student.

Although live performance or large in-person meetings may be in the distant future, Bristol’s many societies have done well to adapt and remain active in these times.

So, here is what’s to come, straight from the president's mouth...

Jorje Gordo / Unsplash


President: Maddie Bently

Spotlights has lots of opportunities to get involved with this term! We are also launching applications for our New Writing Festival that will be performed in a variety of online methods at the end of March. Beyond that, we are planning lots of more casual, socials and scratch nights so there should be something to get involved with whether you’re an actor, a writer, or just looking to try something new!

To find out more, you can find Spotlights’ facebook page here.

Revunions - Cecilia Orr

This term we're holding our regular weekly zoom workshops, which last an hour and a half.  These are super casual sessions meant for everyone.  We'll also be running our online shows which are made of 20 minutes of filmed material from our society members, instead of the live shows we usually would do.  This term we're also introducing live-streamed stand-up nights, where our members and local bristol comedians can perform live stand-up which will be put up on our facebook and youtube pages.

We also run socials pretty frequently online to help build up that community feel you get from societies.

To find out more and get involved, head to the Revunions Facebook page.

Katie Chalk / Epigram

Art History Society - Sophie Hill

Art History Bristol has lots in store this term: from virtual exhibition tours to artsy movie screenings.  They’ll  be running their all-new ‘Curators Scheme’ which will give 20 budding curators the opportunity to learn directly from industry professionals and put on their own exhibition.

The best way to get involved, and stay up to date is on their instagram - @arthistorybristol

Afrolit - Ojinka Abbu

President Ojinka Agbu describes Afrolit as: quite a close knit group and so it hasn’t been too difficult to adjust to the online setting this past year; this term, we’ll keep going with our biweekly zoom discussions which have had great attendance and engagement so far. We’re also working on collaborating with many more societies and networks this terms for larger audiences, merging interests and providing opportunities and exposure for writers within the society.

All Afrolit updates can be found on their facebook page.

Dulcie Godfrey / Epigram

Fallstaff: Alice Baxter -

We’ll be continuing the book club, coffee well-being morning, and regular quizzes, as well as releasing The Capulet Platform, a series of recorded zooms in conversation with Bristol academics and creatives. There will also be theatre opportunities as we prepare for a virtual play, and the publication of the Falstaff Journal is fast approaching (thanks to everyone involved!)

Links to the events, and more details can be found on facebook, here.

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Dance Soc - Freya Harrison

We’re doing online classes via zoom, and we’re working towards an online show. It will be recorded in March and released in April. All members of any style and any ability are welcome to join the show and filming week is scheduled for 8th March. We hope to show off what everyone has been working on this year and encourage people to get active and have a boogie!
Find out more on their Facebook page.

Featured Image: Epigram / Patrick Sullivan

What are society are you going to join this term?