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ExhiBOOBtion – Bristol Uni Boob Team’s charity exhibition

Reimagined for the digital world, a flurry of exciting speakers and musicians, and amazing artists join Bristol Uni Boob team’s ExhiBOOBtion on Instagram.
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Poetry Showcase

By Dulcie Godfrey, Arts Digital Editor In the wake of world poetry day (not there needs to be a reason
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Interview: Brave Mirror's new Zoom-play 'Antigone' and the process

By Dulcie Godfrey, Arts Digital Editor A divided city. A new King. A woman who will stop at nothing to
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It’s Not Too Late To Join! - What are the Arts societies up to in Lockdown…

by Dulcie Godfrey, Arts Digital Editor It’s undeniable, lockdown and restrictions are difficult to the arts, professional or student.
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The Paper Cinema Club @ The Wardrobe Theatre ★★★★

An enthralling composition of puppets, cinema and music, The Paper Cinema's new collaborative stint at The Wardrobe Theatre is an experience not to be missed. Part puppet show and part cinema show, The Paper Cinema Club is a mixture of live animation and live music.
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