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How to throw a Euphoria themed photoshoot

The Croft Magazine // Bored in isolation? Sick of being in your pyjamas? Craving that pre-club night feeling? Fear not as we have the perfect answer to all your woes. Why not get dressed up, put on your favourite badass playlist and have a Euphoria-themed photoshoot covered in glitter!

By Manon Wiliam, Style Editor and Helena Reeds, Third Year Neuroscience

The Croft Magazine // Bored in lockdown? Sick of being in your pyjamas? Craving that pre-club night feeling? Fear not as we have the perfect answer to all your woes. Why not get dressed up, put on your favourite badass playlist and have a Euphoria-themed photoshoot covered in glitter!

Epigram/Tom Goodwin

If you've been living under a rock, Euphoria is an American teen drama which follows seven main characters through their time in high school. Whilst the show covers a range of important topics, it has also gained popularity because of its fun party aesthetic and stunning choice of wardrobe. There's no surprise that the show was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Contemporary Costumes and won an Emmy for Outstanding Contemporary Makeup, in addition to Zendaya's Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

At the beginning of isolation, we decided to binge watch the series and were immediately inspired to recreate some of the looks exhibited on the show. So, here are our top tips on how to throw your very own Euphoria-inspired photoshoot.

The set-up

Firstly, in preparation for the shoot, the atmosphere must be set. We went for some LED lights for that party vibe and butterfly wall decals to spice up the plain backdrop. For inspiration, log onto Pinterest to search for the 'Euphoria aesthetic'.

We found that the LED lights emulated the party scenes in Euphoria perfectly and set the mood for the shoot. We headed to Amazon to buy these LED Strips Lights, these 3D Colourful Removable Butterfly Wall Stickers, and this Disco Light. But for that extra party atmosphere, why not add this 3 Pack Metallic Tinsel Curtain too!

Epigram/Manon Wiliam
Epigram/Helena Reeds


If you've watched Euphoria, you know that glitter and gems can't be avoided. Remember that festival you were so looking forward to that got cancelled over summer? Now's the time to dig out that glitter you had prepared - be as liberal as you like with it. We copied looks from the show, in particular Maddy's eye makeup looks, but be as imaginative as you can and have some fun. To match the lighting and our outfits, we used pinks and purples from this Urban Decay Naked Ultra Violet Eyeshadow Palette. And of course, this is the time to get that highlight popping. Using the Rimmel Jelly Highlighter in shade 'Shifty Shimmer' provided the perfect base for more cheekbone glitter. Shrine has a particularly eclectic collection of face jewels and glitter! You could even create a glitter tears look like Rue.

Epigram/Manon Wiliam


The show's wardrobe is immaculate - it only takes one episode to get inspired. Anything light reflecting, such as chainmail, diamantés, or metallics will look amazing in the light you've set up. We went for items we already had in our wardrobe, but if you're looking for some inspiration here are some Maddy worthy outfits:

Esther Silver Chainmail Dress, £70 |N-A-R
Stargazer Embellished Mini Dress in Oyster White, £60 | Oh Polly
Nostalgia Glitter Ring Halterneck Top (Ice Blue), £30 | Elsie and Fred

First up, we were inspired by Maddy's sparkly prom look and donned a rhinestone studded jacket and rose gold chainmail dress. For our second look, we felt Maddy's excitement as she received her new coat and wore the fluffiest coats that we could find.

Epigram/Tom Goodwin

This ASOS DESIGN stand faux fur collar coat in white makes a stunning replica!

Outerwear obsessions

ASOS DESIGN stand faux fur collar coat in white, £65 | ASOS

Finally, we wore matching pink butterfly looks to twin with our newly decorated butterfly wall. You can get outfits from your existing wardrobe, or check out this White Butterfly Print Tie Bust Strappy Split Front Shift Dress and these Blue Butterfly Low Heel Mules to match. But, we found that wearing clothes that made us feel confident got the best, baddest pictures.

White Butterfly Print Tie Bust Strappy Split Front Shift Dress, £8 | Pretty Little Thing
Blue Butterfly Low Heel Mules, £22.50 | Pretty Little Thing

Create your own party

Since we aren't going out to clubs, this is the perfect opportunity to pour some drinks, put on a playlist and just have fun with your housemates, For us, this was the perfect Saturday night opportunity for getting out of our pyjamas and having some drinks. We suggest putting on a playlist that makes you feel like the most powerful version of yourself - think Ariana Grande, Cardi B and Beyonce. Here's a Spotify playlist if you're stuck for tracks:

After a week of sitting in tracksuits and no makeup, it was fun to experiment with new looks that we hadn't tried before and wear clothes that, frankly, made us feel like the main character.

Epigram/Helena Reeds

Because you can't get that outside interaction and outfit appreciation, why not get it from TikTok instead? We suggest makeup a video lip-syncing to Maddy's carnival scene. Or just film the whole process with the theme music from the show like we did - head over to The Croft's Instagram Reel to see how we did this.

TikTok fashion accounts you need to be following

Epigram/Tom Goodwin

The final step in to 'heart' your favourite snaps and head to PREQUEL to add some cool effects. We used the 'Disco' filter on some of our pictures to add the effect of that dreamlike, party atmosphere that we're all craving right now.

So, there you have it! Your very own guide to throwing a Euphoria themed party (without the actual party). We hope this has given you the perfect opportunity to give some love to those clubbing clothes that have been staring at you patiently from your wardrobe.

Featured image: Epigram/Helena Reeds

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