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Cooking Inspiration From Instagram

In need of recommendations and inspiration for your next cookout? Ella provides her go-to instagram accounts to take cooking inspiration from.

By Ella Almeyda, Second Year Italian and Spanish

The Croft Magazine// With social media, recipe inspiration can be found on a whim! From cooking techniques to make life in the kitchen easier to exploring unique combination of flavours. There are many

Meal-time crisis happens to the best of us, we’ve all been there. Whether you’ve spent the day at the library or have been up on your feet between lectures halls, heading home with not the faintest idea of what to cook for dinner is a dilemma no student likes to face. So, in a bid to relieve you from your moments of lacking creativity in kitchen, I’ve hand-picked a selection of some of my favourite Instagram accounts I like to turn to for inspiration. From delicious vegetarian recipes to budget-friendly meals, these accounts have something for everyone. And whether you’re in a meal-time rut or just want to learn something new, these 5 Instagram accounts are here to help.

1. @budgetbytes

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First up is @budgetbytes, an account that is perfectly tailored to students. As you may probably guess by their name, @budgetbytes’ core philosophy is keeping the cost low. Ran by Beth, their creator, @budgetbytes is filled with creative ways of using up leftovers and simple ingredients to create delicious meals. From their one-pot pasta dishes to baked sweet potatoes, these recipes are perfect for busy students looking for easy and healthy meals. A particular favourite of mine is their Korean beef bowl, which whilst being packed full of flavour only takes around 20 minutes to make and is super straight forward!

2. @mob

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Moving on the forerunner of student friendly meals is @mob. Their recipes are perfect for those who want to fuel their body with wholesome ingredients. The account is filled with colourful and vibrant dishes, from their rainbow quinoa salad to their avocado pesto pasta. @mob also features short videos on their Instagram page which make recipes even easily to follow; and as well as running a vegan page (@bunch), the team have recently launched an app (Peckish) where you can share all your recipes and discover more.

3. @deliciouslyella

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Thirdly, a household favourite of my housemates and I is @deliciouslyella. From the launch of her first cookbook, Ella Mill’s recipes have never failed to impress. This account is the perfect for those who are looking for plant-based meals. Her page is filled with colourful and vibrant dishes, not only extremely straight forward recipes to follow but also packed with nutrition and deliciousness. I’m a big fan of her sweet potato and chickpea curry, which is full of warm spices and delightful flavour, also a great dish to whip up any time you’ve got friends over.

4. @estherclark

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Fourth on this list is @estherclark. Not only filled with great mouth-watering recipes, but this chefs Instagram page offers a multitude of tips and tricks on how to level up in the kitchen, such as the perfect poached egg – which I’m certain all fellow food-savvy students are still trying to fine-tune. From starting out as a food blogger @estherclark has consummated a repertoire of inventive and flavourful recipes. One quick and healthy dinner recipe I recently tried is her honey mustard salmon recipe. Perfect for a weeknight meal and definitely tastes as good as it sounds; this meal idea got a top star rating from me.

5. @devourpower

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Last but certainly not least has to be @devourpower. If you’re looking for any kind of cooking inspiration or some serious food porn, @devourpower is the place to go. This account is full of mouth-watering recipes that are sure to impress. From pulled pork tacos to roasted cauliflower with garlic aioli, this account has something for everyone. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts – you name it, @devourpower has recipes for every occasion. With their incorporation of ideas from cuisines from around the world, this account is great for those looking to try something new. And along with the pages’ helpful food hacks and cooking tips @devourpower not only serves as a great source for food inspiration yet offers ideas on ways to save time and money in the kitchen.

And there we have it, no matter what your cooking needs are, these 5 Instagram accounts are sure to help you out when you’re in need of some food inspiration. From budget-friendly to plant-based cooking, there’s something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Give these accounts a follow and start cooking up a storm!

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What's your favourite Instagram Cooking Account?