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'Reliably good quality no matter what you order': Burger Joint Review

The best burger in Bristol? Epigram's senior team give their verdict on Burger Joint's wide range of burgers.

The Croft Magazine // The best burger in Bristol? Epigram's senior team give their verdict on Burger Joint's wide range of burgers.

A unique way to order

The atmosphere at The Burger Joint is really ideal as it’s quite cozy but spacious enough to not get too loud. They have a unique way of ordering your food as you fill out an order form on the table to build your custom burger from scratch.

Initially, this overwhelmed me a little as they don’t seem to have any preset burgers to choose from, which would’ve been easier for those who aren’t feeling so creative.

Now that I know how it works, my return experiences to The Burger Joint have actually been quite exciting as you never know how your new burger combination will taste.

From the huge range of ingredients you can put into your burger, I did find it a little odd that ketchup was not on the list of sauces, though it can be found on the table if you’d like to add it yourself.

Overall, the food is reliably good quality no matter what you order, the staff are friendly and good at what they do, and The Burger Joint is definitely a restaurant I’ll be returning to soon.
- Edward, Treasurer

'The Veggie Joint'

There's something quite satisfying about ticking the little box next to 'The Veggie Joint' and adding an extra slice of cheddar.

The ordering form reminded me of sitting a multiple choice exam, except at the end you were awarded with a tasty, nicely presented burger and chips, rather than disappointment and revision-regret.

An extra bonus was free refills on most of the popular soft drinks. This, coupled with the two free sauces, made me feel I really got good value for money. I've been to many a build-your-own sort of restaurant, but few do it better than Burger Joint.
- Tom, Digital Editor

The Mini Joint

First of all, the burgers are amazing, no matter the size. I had 2 dinners planned on the same day I went to so initially I wasn't going to eat much. I ended up ordering a mini burger (adorable, by the way) and honestly the only thing I regret is not ordering a full size one.

I'm not too worried though, I will definitely be back to order a regular and the double stack at some point!

They have a massive menu selection of burgers, sides and sauces with a build-your-own burger format which is ideal for any group of picky eaters.

They even have an ostrich burger on the menu which I've never craved before but, hey, that may just be because I haven't tried it yet. I'm not sure i'll order it just yet but it has certainly piqued my interest.
- Oli, Head of Communications

'Simple yet perfect'

After attending the Epigram meal at Burger Joint on Friday 27th September I can definitely say it’s somewhere I’ll be going again!

I had the 6oz beef burger with cheese and fries-simple yet perfect!

For those more adventurous than myself burger joint offers an array of sauces and toppings, definitely a great place to try!
- Ben, Head of Ads and Sales

'The perfect place for picky eaters'

The sweet potato and bean burger was a great, light alternative to the usual beef and still filling enough for me to struggle to get through the chips.

The menus themselves are a novel and convenient way to place your order.

You tick off your options for bun type, burger type, sides, and sauce with a printed notepad and pencil - it's amazing that few other restaurants have picked up this tactic.

What it means is that Burger Joint is the perfect place for picky eaters and an easy choice for a diverse group of friends.
- Patrick, Co-Editor-in-Chief

A customisable burger

It’s always refreshing when a Burger restaurant has a generous selection of vegetarian and vegan options, and the Whiteladies-based Burger Joint certainly delivers.

With options ranging from fake-meat patties to plant based fritters and salad sides, there really is something for everyone.

Moreover, whether you’re Vegan, Vegetarian or have allergies and intolerances, adapting meals for dietary requirements can become tedious, yet the restaurant’s tick-list ordering system enables the customer to quietly customize their Burger without having to ask the kitchen to make changes to in-house recipes.
- Beth, Deputy Digital Editor

'Perfect for the student budget'

Burgers are my go-to guilty pleasure when eating out and Burger Joint's certainly don't disappoint. Having been numerous times since I arrived in Bristol I'm slowly working my way through the endless combinations of different topppings they have to offer.

With something for everyone, from vegan and vegetarian burgers to double burgers with numerous meaty toppings, Burger Joint has to be the ideal meeting place for friends.

Their portion sizes are incredibly generous and I can guarantee you won't go home hungry. Perfect for the student budget, they're also very reasonably priced, especially considering the amount of quality food you get for your buck - they even offer a student discount! - Imogen, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Epigram was invited to review The Burger Joint, a student favourite on Whiteladies Road.

Featured: Epigram / Imogen Horton

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