Theano Dimopoulou

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On the Ground: Netherlands

The Croft Magazine // In our seventh pin drop, we go on the ground in Amsterdam with Year Abroad student Theano Dimopoulou, working and studying in a city still under some coronavirus restrictions, and where new light has been shed on the Anne Frank case.
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A Letter to Travel

The Croft Magazine // At a time when their relationship is somewhat distant, Theano gets back in touch with travel.
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Opinion | Online fatigue is beginning to take its toll on students

Amongst the many challenges and struggles that have begun to face as a result of the pandemic, one that has been particularly challenging has been the rise of the phenomenon of ‘online fatigue’.
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A love letter to my mother's style

The Croft Magazine // To celebrate Mother's Day, Thea shares the style advice that has stood the test of time, given to her by her mum.
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The good and the bad: Runway edition

The Croft Magazine // Fashion runways can be a bit hit or miss. Sometimes designers' efforts for extravaganza, finesse or elegance are a great move and a win for them, the fashion world and the public. But, that is not always the case...
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Student lockdown routines: how structuring your day can make a difference

The Croft Magazine // Three writers share their perspective on lockdown routines and how beneficial it can be to have some structure to your day in these turbulent times.
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