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Student lockdown routines: how structuring your day can make a difference

The Croft Magazine // Three writers share their perspective on lockdown routines and how beneficial it can be to have some structure to your day in these turbulent times.
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Wellbeing webinar: the importance of sleep in students' lives

In the first of our series of write-ups on Transcendental Meditation Society's wellbeing webinars, we learn about the importance of sleep and how we can adapt our busy student schedules to help us get the best sleep we can.
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Detecting diet culture: comfort eating

TW: disordered and emotional eating | Google defines comfort eating as ‘eating to make oneself feel happier, rather than to satisfy hunger’. This is a completely natural behaviour. In fact, eating food you enjoy, without guilt, is a sign of a positive relationship with food, not the other way round!
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