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Bristol University Halls still called 'Colston Street' four months after BLM-inspired renaming announced

The University's website is continuing to refer to the city centre Halls of Residence using its old name, despite announcing that it had been renamed 'No. 33' in October.
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All students in Hiatt Baker N Block instructed to quarantine

The University's announcement, made over the weekend, means that Hiatt Baker N Block has become the second accomodation to be placed in a complete 14-day quarantine.
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All students in The Courtrooms placed into two week quarantine

The measure will affect around 300 students and comes as case numbers continue to rise both locally and across the University community
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Bristol students to be limited to 10 hours of library space per week under new system

The University has begun implementing a new system for students on campus, which currently limits access to a study centre to a maximum of ten hours per week for each student, in order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus on campus.
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Extinction Rebellion Youth begin four-day protest by blocking Clifton Suspension Bridge

Extinction Rebellion Youth (XR Youth) began their nationwide weekend of environmental activism with a two-person blockade of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, with more events planned across the city in the coming days
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New public artwork installed outside Chemistry Building

Luke Jerram's Palm Temple has been donated to the University by the artist and will be permantently installed in the Chemistry building's courtyard. Visitors will be able to walk inside the sculpture, provided social distancing measures are followed
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Editor's Pick: Saddest onscreen endings and goodbyes

As all good things must come to an end, so must our time as Film & TV's Editorial team. With this change marching on, and the academic year coming to an end with a whisper, not a bang: we are reminiscing on some of film and television's saddest goodbyes and season closes
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