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Secret disasters in the kitchen

By Maddy Clegg, Third Year Liberal Arts The Croft // The secrets are out, it's time to confess your most embarrassing
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Loaded Sweet Potatoes with Lentils and Goats Cheese

Read for Maddy Clegg's recipe for loaded sweet potatoes using Merchant Gourmet Lentils who are hiring for Student Ambassadors! Details regarding the application are included.
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Foodie to Follow - Jack Munroe

By Maddy Clegg, Food Editor If you're looking to spruce up your feed with some delicious, student-friendly recipe inspo, it's
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Mob Kitchen x Merchant Gourmet take Bristol

Last Friday, Mob Kitchen and Merchant Gourmet came to Bristol to save students from more pesto pasta. Our food editor gives us a rundown of the big day!
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