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Jurassic World: Dominion is a perfectly watchable rehash of a franchise that now feels prehistoric

After the disappointment of 2015’s reboot; Jurassic World, and subsequent sequel Fallen Kingdom (2018), I was apprehensive about this year’s new film. To my surprise and the surprise of everyone I know, I didn’t hate it
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Review: Arcade Fire - WE

Arcade Fire fail to recreate the ground-breaking sounds of previous records with this inconsistent and unoriginal release. An album which pairs tired social commentary with generic musical interludes, WE is an ambitious yet disappointing output from the once darlings of Indie rock.
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Review: Wet Leg - Wet Leg

Indie-pop newcomers Wet Leg release their highly anticipated self-titled debut. A fun, fast-paced record which makes up for its lack of depth with witty lyricism and nostalgic instrumentation.
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Operation Mincemeat proves a strong addition to an ever-growing collection of war epics

Colin Firth triumphs in this star-studded tale of deception and ingenuity set in the shadowy world of wartime espionage. Packed with wit and humour, the film delivers a perfectly charming account of a much untold true story, one that certainly deserves to be told
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Uncharted fails to break new ground, instead relying on tired tropes and soul-free CGI

A heartless display of CGI spectacle, Tom Holland’s latest outing is lacking both artistic and emotional conviction. With mediocre acting and laughable set pieces, this adaptation is the latest disaster in the game-to-film trend
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Review: ‘The Red Lion’ @ Bristol Old Vic ★★★

A play that dribbles between the themes of greed, ambition and desire beautifully, Ed Viney offers us a snapshot into the lives of three people pulled together by the beautiful game.
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Review: Black Country New Road - Ants From Up There

‘Ants From up There’ delivers a mighty wedge between orchestral grandeur and subtle indie songwriting, all the while blowing each out of the water with swift sophistication.
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Review: 'Dr Semmelweis' @ Bristol Old Vic ★★★★

A fragile mind stands on the precipice. Around him, the ghosts that haunt his past float through a darkened stage. His greatness forgotten, he sinks into memory, never knowing what a mark he made upon the world.
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