Jasmine Burke

Editor of Epigram Wellbeing 18/19, Previous Deputy Editor of Epigram Wellbeing 17/18, and final year English and Philosophy student at the University of Bristol.

ARTICLES BY Jasmine Burke

Need a revision break? Introducing Mind Your Head 2019

Jasmine Burke interviews Ellie Leopold, the incoming chair of the Wellbeing Network about Mind Your Head: a series of events targeted towards improving student wellbeing during the exam period.
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Shrek @ Pegg ★★★★★

Meld Take Me Out with Busted, and you've got PantoSoc's Shrek. Jasmine Burke reviews this much-needed, ★★★★★ revision break, stuffed with gags, puns, and good times.
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Beat This Together: the eating disorder group you didn’t know about

With Eating Disorder Awareness week taking place from the 25th February to 3rd March, Wellbeing Editor Jasmine Burke interviews Tori Freedman, the president and founder of Beat This Together.
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Has my race affected my well-being at Bristol?

Wellbeing Editor Jasmine Burke discusses her experience as a black student at Bristol and whether that has had an impact on her well-being.
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Introducing: Peace of Mind

Wellbeing Editor Jasmine Burke interviews Hannah Carson, the social platforms secretary of Peace of Mind: a student-led society aiming to benefit the wellbeing of Bristol students.
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Things I'm tired of hearing as a black woman

"Can I touch your hair? No. It’s creepy." Epigram's Wellbeing Editor, Jasmine, discusses six common microaggressions against black women for the #WhatsMicroaggression campaign
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