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Introducing: Peace of Mind

Wellbeing Editor Jasmine Burke interviews Hannah Carson, the social platforms secretary of Peace of Mind: a student-led society aiming to benefit the wellbeing of Bristol students.

By Jasmine Burke, Wellbeing Editor

Wellbeing Editor Jasmine Burke interviews Hannah Carson, the social platforms secretary of Peace of Mind: a student-led society aiming to benefit the wellbeing of Bristol students.

What is Peace of Mind Society?

Peace of Mind is a student-led society committed to making student life that little bit more peaceful. We are a group of students who want to create an environment where people can take a break from the pressure which can come with being at University.

What exactly does Peace of Mind aim to do?

We aim to offer a safe and comfortable space for students who need a bit of a breather. We all understand that the pressures of University can feel overwhelming and so we want to relieve some of that pressure in any way we can.

And in which ways do you do that?

We have a weekly meet-up called ‘Positivitea’, in which everyone can get together, chill-out and have a chat, as well as a couple of biscuits and maybe a cup of tea. It is super informal and everyone is welcome. We are hoping through exam season to use our Positivea slot to give students an additional Quiet study area as we know how hectic the libraries get around exam period. We are also hoping to team up with some more societies and organisations to sort some fun events.

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There’s also Bristol Nightline who are available to chat daily from 8pm- 8am- tel:01179266266 REMEMBER: you may feel alone, but you are not. There will always be someone willing to help. #mentalhealthmatters

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We can also help out with Academic Support if you need help applying for extensions, extenuating circumstances, speaking to tutors, or organising support for your Mental Health. We are here to alleviate some of the stresses that come with these things... A problem shared is a problem halved and all that. We have first hand experience with these processes so we are more than happy to help anyone who needs it.

We have also got our social media, such as our Instagram. We post little pick-me-ups and tips and tricks for things you might be struggling with. We all know the feeling when you have been scrolling on Instagram and it can leave you feeling a little deflated, so our page aims to leave you feeling a little more uplifted.

Evidently, Bristol has a problem with mental health amongst its students. What would you like to see change in the next year?

Mental Health is such a prevalent issue in Universities. There appears to be a bit of a disconnect between central University and Support Services which needs resolving. For example, some courses such as Law, which might have 300 students in a lecture, do not register you for lectures. This is great if you are sleeping off a hangover, but in terms of Mental Health, a primary sign of someone struggling is absence from classes and so forth. In not knowing who is attending, it is hard to tell who might be struggling - especially in first year students. So, maybe some kind of implementation to assess who is attending more accurately. This should not be used to reprimand them, but just to make sure they are doing alright.


How can other students get involved in the society?

We really want student input on how the society should run. Get in contact with us on Facebook and tell us what you want to see from us or come along to Positivitea! We want to be able to offer a helping hand to other students so it would be great to have more student involvement. Plus, it is free to join - you just have to sign up on Facebook, or follow the page to see what we have going on.

Is there anything else in particular that you want people to know about your society?

We are hoping to run a Positivitea in the new Living Space in Senate House on Wednesday 6 February from 12-2pm. So, come along get your hands on some biscuits, have a chat and take a bit of a break from studying! We are hoping to make this a weekly occurrence as well, which would be good.

Where can people keep up to date with your society?

You can find us on...
Our Facebook page: Peace of Mind: UoB Mental Health Society
Our Facebook group: Peace of Mind: UoB Mental Health Society
Instagram: @uobpeaceofmind

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If you want to get involved with Peace of Mind, follow their socials listed above or go to their Positivitea on 6 February 12-2!

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