Luke Unger


The importance of green spaces in Bristol

With sunny spells plunging Bristol into a heatwave, we at Wellbeing have complied a list of the best natural spaces around Bristol that you can use to de-stress and collect your thoughts.
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Being a 'good guy' should not have to be praised in 2019

Inter:Mission's recent article about the struggle of being a good guy in 2019 is an absolute joke, representative of the writer's privilege
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Right Mind

Deputy Wellbeing Editor interviews the DJs working to raise mental health awareness at Blue Mountain on the 13th of February: Right Mind. Here's what you need to know.
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Gambling Addiction

In the UK it is estimated that 350,000 people suffer from gambling addiction, with only 1 per cent ever seeking help. This increase in gambling has been facilitated in large part by the rise in mobile gambling apps and an increase in the amount of money spent on gambling advertisement.
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"A resounding success" - Dramsoc's The Lyons

Luke Unger reviews Bristol Dramsoc's 'The Lyons', a two-part dark comedy surrounding the final stages of father and husband, Ben Lyon’s, life.
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Looking out for your male mates - a discussion needed to be had

Deputy Wellbeing Editor Luke Unger discusses the conversation surrounding the topic of male mental health, raised during the 'Looking out for your male mates' panel.
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