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Ev Says: Dear Freshers, with love, from Ev

Hey, Upper East siders. Gossip girl here. And I have the biggest news ever: Ev Says is back from its summer hiatus, ready to accompany you in the new academic year.

By Evelyn Heis, Film & Tv Editor

It’s officially that time of the year again. A dreaded time if you’re like me and are going into your final year, crippled by the thought of having a 10k dissertation, but an equally exciting time if you’re a returning student, looking forward to being reunited with your friends, to slipping back into your ‘it girl’ routine and to be walking within the bustling, spirited streets of Bristol that so many of us have come to know as home.

But for Freshers who are new to the city and are yet to find their footing, you have come to the right place, as I’m here to give you some advice. From a third-year to a first-year student, these are some things I knew when I first came to university.

A first-year Ev at College Green // Courtesy of Evelyn Heis

To put things into perspective, University life is not anything like what you’ve seen on Superbad (2007): the odds of you being taken around in a cop car while your friends are stuck at a drug dealer’s house party are incredibly low. That being said, a table at Spoons and a night at OMG bar or club can also do the trick if you’re after an entertaining night.

Joining societies is something that everyone should consider. You don’t actually realise how much free time you have until your parents have left, your flatmates aren’t home, and you’ve just about watched every new release that Netflix has to offer.

The key to retaining your sanity at university is to keep yourself busy, and what better way to do that than by joining a sport or society that not only gives you an excuse to leave the flat but also serves as an opportunity to meet more people? Two birds, one stone.

Superbad (2007) // Courtesy of IMDB

Being a member of any society or committee is the perfect opportunity to nourish the passions that you had back home, but the meetups and friendships you make certainly aren’t anything like the sorority house sisterhoods you see in Legally Blonde (2001) and The House Bunny (2008). Don’t expect the clubs you join to be anything like Pitch Perfect (2012) unless you’re into acapella.

I would define university, based on my humble covid-19 infected experience, to be more like The Breakfast Club (1985): where different types of people come together and share their interests, leaving behind the restrictive high-school cliques and Mean Girls (2004) style-petty dramas.

Courtesy of Evelyn Heis

Clichés aside, University really is a time for people to find themselves; the freedom of moving to a new city allows you to experiment, figure out who you are and how that manifests into your sense of style, friendships, and lifestyle choices.

Moving away from the environment in which you’ve grown up, away from the familiarity of what you know and your life-long support systems, is undeniably a test like no other, but it enables you to grow into the person you would like to become as you grapple with adulthood and its responsibilities.

You can either embody a new persona, reinvent yourself, and start from scratch, as Lady Bird does in Lady Bird (2017), or you can just go with the flow, stay true to your passions, and not take yourself too seriously, as Charlie does in The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012).

Lady Bird (2017) // Courtesy of IMDB

Films, without a shadow of a doubt, have the power to bring people of all different backgrounds and experiences together. They serve as a point of discussion, a place of comfort if you’re missing home, or as a fun activity to do with others as you begin to find your inner circle and nourish these brand-new friendships.

As the autumnal weather starts creeping in, why not curl up on a bed with some of your new friends and binge-watch the classic films and shows that we all know and love? The crisp air and auburn foliage are giving off Gilmore Girls (2000-2007) and Twilight (2008) vibes, but as Winter seeps in, the annual Harry Potter (2001-2011) marathon is just around the corner.

Featured Image: Evelyn Heis/Epigram

What advice would you give to Freshers?