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Can 'friends with benefits' ever work?

The Croft Magazine // Embarking upon a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement with someone is a big risk, and not a decision that you should take lightly.
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The shifting identity of a first-generation university student

Growing up in the London Borough of Camden, and going to a state secondary school that closely contained working/ middle class communities, I have continuously found myself being forced to question whether my interest in academia was at odds with my working class background.
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Pandemic 'doom scrolling': how to cope with relentless news consumption

The Croft Magazine // With so much happening locally and globally, it can be easy to get caught in a never-ending scroll, consuming one piece of negative news after the other. While it's good to stay in-the-know, overconsumption of news can be detrimental.
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Moxie! is a cliché but fun intro to feminism

Moxie! brings the warm charm of Amy Poehler (that Parks and Rec fans will know and love) together with a modern homage to the ‘Riot Grrrl’ movement, and it is as delightfully energetic and heart-warming as it sounds.
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Dealing with body image in lockdown

The Croft Magazine // This Eating Disorders Awareness Week, we reflect on how lockdown has forced us to spend a lot of time with ourselves. With this many of us have been pushed to confront our minds and bodies in a way that we’d once been able to avoid.
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Lesbian films need female directors

Does the gender of a director affect a film’s vision? In a society that so heavily caters to male desire and filters female experience through the male gaze, it is imperative that we are critical of the ways in which lesbian desire is presented on screen.
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Malcolm & Marie is a puzzlingly dense film which asks big questions about love

Presented to us in all black-and-white and filmed in one location, the film seems simultaneously ambitious and yet lazy in what it is trying to say
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Vanessa Kirby gives a devastating performance in 'Pieces of a Woman'

Kornél Mundruczó’s emotionally arduous film Pieces of a Woman (2021) takes on the difficult task of doing justice to the unfathomable devastation of losing a child shortly after birth
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