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Learning to Speak Up

After struggling with a fear of public speaking throughout secondary school, Alice Proctor shares the progress she has made with 'finding her voice' at university and her establishment of the Bristol University Speak Up Society to help like-minded individuals on their journey.
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Opinion | I hate opinion pieces and you should too

An opinion piece about hating opinion pieces… I never said I wasn’t a hypocrite. In fact, for the purposes of this article, I very much am.
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Opinion | The University should actively encourage climate strikers in order to keep its word

The University of Bristol made headlines last year when it became the first UK University to declare a climate emergency. But is it doing everything in its power to ensure that these weren’t just empty words?
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Opinion: Coronavirus will have a profound impact upon student and graduate employment, but the workforce still needs us

On the 23rd March the government announced the most interventionist peacetime measures in history. These measures have been temporary, but students may suffer significantly from the lockdown’s legacy.
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Opinion | UCU strikes: Don't be afraid of the picket lines

When this year’s UCU Strikes were called, the student reaction was varied. Some students were angry or anxious about the contact hours they would be losing out on, whilst others were eager to get involved and show their solidarity for the university staff who were going on strike.
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Open Units hold so much promise, but they are deeply flawed at this university

Open units are a good idea in theory. But in practice, the options are too niche, the organisation around them is abysmal, and it is taking time away from my degree.
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Supporting one another in a relationship

With Valentine's Day approaching, Alice and Euan talk about how to look after one another in a relationship as well as maintaining a balance and making sure you look after yourself.
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