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Opinion | What we are seeing is not grade inflation: it's grade stagflation

As more students achieve “good grades”, the value of achieving that grade diminishes. This is pretty disheartening, and it is made worse if the inflation occurs not because people of getting smarter, but because of random external factors like a global pandemic.
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Opinion | I hate opinion pieces and you should too

An opinion piece about hating opinion pieces… I never said I wasn’t a hypocrite. In fact, for the purposes of this article, I very much am.
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Opinion | Why does a flower once used to make opium have so much meaning?

The poppy is a potent symbol to so many people. It represents remembrance and hope for a peaceful future. By wearing it you remember and respect the past tragedies, and the dead. We should respect those who wear a poppy, it may mean a great deal to them.
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Opinion | Much a do about Temple Meads

The University is moving forward with its new Temple Meads campus. Some people have a lot to say, and not all of it good. But, should we be taking some of these criticisms with a pitch of salt?
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Opinion | Young, smart, and want to save the world? Don’t protest, make money

Forget protesting our extinction, volunteering abroad, or even eating the rich. The fast track to save the world lies in us smart, young, idealistic folk finding jobs that will make us filthy rich.
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Supporting one another in a relationship

With Valentine's Day approaching, Alice and Euan talk about how to look after one another in a relationship as well as maintaining a balance and making sure you look after yourself.
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