Lowri Lewis


Opinion | Why 'Women Talk Back' should not be considered a feminist society

Members of Women Talk Back!, a group which is meant to be supporting people suffering the ill effects of oppression, have chosen to become oppressors themselves.
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Opinion | Why don't students care who represents them?

This article is a retrospective piece, looking back and reflecting on the low level of political engagement this academic year and suggests reasons why students may be reluctant to vote in SU elections.
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Opinion | Why it’s frustrating that the admissions cap motion wasn’t passed at the AMM

There are five times as many private school students at the University of Bristol as there are in the general population. They’re not five times as deserving, or five times as intelligent as those of us from state schools. So why are we ok with the fact that admissions data suggests they are?
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Opinion | Lecturers ought to make the effort to pronounce their students’ names correctly

Perhaps it’s because lecturers rotate students every few months, rather than every academic year, that they seem to make less of an effort to pronounce people’s names correctly than the teachers we had in school.
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Opinion | The mental health support petition has started an important conversation

It seems like those who draw up the University league tables intend to do so with the student experience at the heart of their considerations. But satisfaction with the course and the way it is taught are not the only factors which potential applicants should be aware of.
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Opinion | ‘Insta-activism’ isn’t the only solution, organisations still need real activism as well

Many activist organisations will have seen a drop in the number of people willing to volunteer for them this year. But you wouldn’t think that from your friends’ Instagram stories, would you?
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Opinion | Contrary to the assertions of the Director of Public Health Bristol, this pandemic is not 'a gift'

Sometimes, it can be useful to look on the bright side of things. For a group of people whose mental health was worsening even before Covid came into our lives, in this second lockdown, we’re in need of some positivity more than ever.
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Opinion | Changes made to assessment methods should be kept post-Covid

It felt like there was a collective sigh of relief amongst students at the University of Bristol when it became clear that, where possible, timed exams are being replaced by coursework this year.
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